Monday edition - October 30, 2006





Voting machine firms confirm US probe
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 10-30-06
A US manufacturer of touch-screen voting machines confirmed Sunday it was being investigated by the federal government for alleged ties to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez but flatly denied any connection.

First lady expected to draw thousands
Asheville Citizen-Times, NC - 10-30-06
by Lindsay Nash, LNASH@CITIZEN-TIMES.COM. FLETCHER — Area Republicans are quickly reserving their spots to attend an event on Tuesday ...

Voting Machine Cos.: No Ties To Chavez
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 10-30-06
... It currently supplies electronic voting machines to 16 states and the District ... the 2004 general election was not counted because of a defective machine. ...


If Republicans can hack our electronic voting machines, what's to stop Democrats from doing the same?



The latest Rove attack ad: "Democrats: inflexible on the Constitution" -




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



Blog Spies


From the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan to here at home, soldiers blogging about military life are under the watchful eye of some of their own.

A Virginia-based operation, the Army Web Risk Assessment Cell, monitors official and unofficial blogs and other Web sites for anything that may compromise security.




By Don Davis



Disturbing News



SNL’s Glimpse Into The Final Week Of RNC Ads






The Top 10 Conservative Idiots



Andy Borowitz


Republican Shenanigans


Fiore presents: Freedom from the press



"Nothing that we believe in the world would exist without you. We're all sort of Jewish wannabes." -- Katherine Harris





Rock-The-Voter News



"I'd like to welcome President Clinton. And I see she's brought her husband." -- Mick Jagger at his concert 10-29-06



Onward U.S. Cadets


A federal judge on Friday threw out a lawsuit against the U.S. Air Force that contended evangelical Christian values were being illegally pushed on Air Force Academy cadets.



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My Pet Waterboard by Dick Cheney as told to President George W. Bush ~A Book About Torture for Kids~ Forward by Bill O'Reilly (The O'Reilly Factor for Kids), Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh  --


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Lynne Cheney told The Washington Post in October 2000: "The reports of my novel are greatly exaggerated. Nevertheless, I hope they improve sales."



Lynn Cheney's Novel for sale on Amazon


low price: $695.00




Go-F***-Yourself News



Dick Cheney denied he was endorsing water-boarding torture of detainees when he told an interviewer Tuesday that a dunk in the water was a no-brainer. This issue could really explode. Wait until the Muslims figure out he meant baptizing them. -- Argus Hamilton, comedian






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This image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and provided Thursday Oct. 26, 2006 shows the scattered remains of an exploded star named Cassiopeia A. Spitzer's infrared detectors 'picked' through these remains and found that much of the star's original layering had been preserved. In this false-color image, the faint, blue glow surrounding the dead star is material that was energized by a shock wave, called the forward shock, which was created when the star blew up. The forward shock is now located at the outer edge of the blue glow. Stars are also seen in blue. Green, yellow and red primarily represent material that was ejected in the explosion and heated by a slower shock wave, called the reverse shock wave. ( Photo/NASA)