October 30,  2003  Thursday

Dubya's Photo-Op Bites Him In the Butt
Capitol Hill Blue, VA - 10-30-03

... landing aboard a carrier, striding across the deck in a military flight suit ... But it came up in President Bush's press conference Tuesday and twice again ...

Republicans on the Ropes
Hartford Advocate, CT - 10-30-03
... The only things they have to show for themselves are Bush in that flight suit and 9-11. These are not reassuring items on which to build a campaign. ...

When Good Photo-Ops Go Bad
New York Times - 10-30-03
... Democrats had nightmares about the campaign commercials that would be made from the pictures of Mr. Bush striding past the cheering sailors in his flight suit. ...


My 80 year old mother recently said, "Don't worry about the Democrats regaining power.  They will--because the Republicans always end up shooting themselves in the foot."


Whose Banner is it anyway?



President George W. Bush’s staff played more of a role in the “Mission Accomplished” sign that hung on the carrier Abraham Lincoln than the president suggested yesterday in a Rose Garden press conference.
Bush declared the end of major combat operations in Iraq from the Lincoln’s deck on May 1. Since then about 215 American troops have been killed in action and hundreds more wounded...


Gee, when a military publication starts questioning it's Commander-in-chief, it is not a good thing. *





After I finished up my 21 year Air Force career as a journalist, I worked for Air Force Times in Springfield, VA. Contrary to popular belief, AFT and its sister publications, Army, Navy and Federal Times, are NOT government publications. They are entirely civilian enterprises which specialize in coverage of their respective military services, Congress and the White House.

Stars and Stripes, on the other hand, is owned by the military and staffed with military and civil service reporters and editors, under the auspices of the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs. I also worked for them as a reporter and bureau chief from 1978-1983.


Roy I. Adams, SMSgt., USAF, Retired.



Thank you Roy. I stand corrected.





Thanks to AHNC caption winner Steve Jones.



Surprise: Stadium blackmail resurfaces 

Palm Beach Post 10-30-03

...Gov. Jeb Bush nixed a cruise tax for a ballpark in the past, but seems to be wavering now.

"Every sports team, every stadium built (in Florida) has had state support," Bush said. "But if the (request) is so large that it begins to cut into priorities, that makes it a little more difficult."

Bush seems to be forgetting that Pro Player Stadium, where the Dolphins and Marlins play, was privately financed....

Florida needs another government funded stadium like a hole in the head.  Florida needs roads, schools and to get rid of Jeb.





Hillary Still No. 1 With Dems - 43 percent of party now backs the ...
PHXNews, United States - 10-29-03
Hillary Clinton. A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday showed that
43 percent of her party now backs the former first lady. In fact, Sen. ...



"The Memo" is the Bible at Fox, from an insider, how Fox tows the Bush line

Poynter Online   10-29-03

...The fact is, daily life at FoxNewChannel is all about management politics. I say this having served six years there - as producer of the media criticism show, News Watch, as a writer/producer of specials and (for the last year of my stay) as a newsroom copy editor. ..But at Fox, if my boss wasn't warning me to "be careful" how I handled the writing of a special about Ronald Reagan ("You know how Roger [Fox News Chairman Ailes] feels about him."), he was telling me how the environmental special I was to produce should lean ("You can give both sides, but make sure the pro-environmentalists don't get the last word.")...

Philadelphia Daily News, PA - 10-30-03
... This is the agency that still hasn't found the anthrax killer or killers.
This is the agency that hasn't found the CIA leaker in the White House. ...

"Attorney General John Ashcroft is going to cover up another nude statue in the Justice Department. Remember last time, he spent $8,000 to cover up a statue with a curtain. This time it will be a little cheaper because they're just going to cover it with hundreds of unread FBI memos." —Jay Leno

Today's Top Five Headlines on BuzzFlash.com:

Drive the Message Home,
"Save America: Recall Bush"

Military Families Grow Angry With State of Iraq War

The Legacy of Bush's Failure at Everything: "Bush's Mideast Policy on Hold." 10/30

The Bush Betrayal of Our Soldiers Continues: More than 400 sick and injured soldiers, including some who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, are stuck at Fort Knox, waiting weeks and sometimes months for medical treatment. 10/30

The price of a loaf of bread, or the value of human life. A Special BuzzFlash Commentary by Bill Burkett.


REPS: US Overpaying Halliburton for Gas

NYTIMES  10-30-03

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government is paying Vice President Dick Cheney's former firm Halliburton``enormous sums'' -- $2.65 a gallon -- for gasoline imported into Iraq from Kuwait, two lawmakers charged on Wednesday.

"The Senate voted 97-0 for an anti-spam bill to stop those annoying things you get on your computer. The senators made it very clear that when you start misleading the American people and start taking their money over false promises, that's our turf buddy." —Jay Leno


Graphic by Rand Ozier

"Bush said that the attacks in Iraq are intended to 'cause people to run.' He’s right — at last count there were nine Democrats running against him." —Jay Leno


GIs in Iraq 'Fell About Laughing' When Asked If They'd Vote GOP in '04

By Robert Fisk

...But when I suggested to a group of US
military police near Abu Ghurayb they would be voting Republican at the next
election, they fell about laughing. 'We shouldn't be here and we should
never have been sent here,' one of them told me with astonishing
candour. 'And maybe you can tell me: why were we sent here?'....

Graphic by Rand Ozier

Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear. ~William E. Gladstone, 1866

This NASA Chandra X-ray image shows the longest X-ray look yet at the "supermassive" black hole at the Milky Way's center. New research says the black hole is rotating at great speed. (HO-NASA)