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Bush takes a mulligan
In a rare public appearance Friday, former President George W. Bush teed off at a charity golf tournament,


Dems Accuse Fox News of Illegal Campaign Contribution
The Democratic Governors Association is accusing Fox News of making an illegal campaign contribution to a Republican gubernatorial candidate,...

Arizona governor stumbles during debate

AP PHOENIX - It will go down as one of the most painful openings to a political debate in recent memory...


The above phototoon is from 2003.


So Bush is golfing for the children of dead or disabled Americans he sent off to war. How compassionately conservative of him.



"In only his second Oval Office address, President Obama announced the end of Operational Iraqi Freedom. He said we have given the Iraqis a Western-style government. Well, we certainly have, haven't we? Their economy is in shambles, their Congress is corrupt, the country is broke, welcome aboard!" –Jay Leno



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Right Wing Religion


A well-known Australian Muslim cleric has called for the beheading of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, a newspaper said on Friday.



Mahmoud Ahmadinejad introduced a weapon called the Ambassador of Death. Not sure the Iranian President is all that clear on the concept of diplomacy. - Will Durst





Disturbing News





I do love Jesus and feel no shame, I just generally think it is better to act like a Christian, rather than try to convince anyone with words.

I love my Country. and the character for which it stands. I am disappointed sometimes in the way that Character is melded by Public Opinion, but the Public is a lot of people with a lot of opinions to which they have a right. Sometimes the Public has to experiment a bit to find the correct balance of opinions to adopt, but I believe that there is enough intelligence within the people to get it right, eventually.

I honor all Military Folks. And I think the greatest honor we can do for them is keep them out of harm's way, as much as possible.

I still have faith in Obama, and I realize he is not going to be able to accomplish everything I would like for him to do within the current political climate. I am tired of e-mail "proving" that he is not an American, Is a Muslim, etc, with some crap from the latest tabloid Rag.

My luck is fine as it is. Not real good, but with a little intelligence, enough to get me by.



I wish I had your faith in the American people. I see a return to the far right philosophies that got us into this mess.


And poor Jesus, his message of peace and love has been successfully armed with Weapons of Media Distortions by a vast right wing conspiracy led by televangelists and Fox News with lessons learned from Madison Avenue. Jesus threw these same moneychangers out of his Temple. Through the miracle of evolution yesterday's moneychangers have become today's Republicans.


Let us not forget that this same group of hate mongers impeached a president for cheating on his wife. A retired investigative reporter informed me yesterday that the GOP Congress during the Clinton years spent 140 hours hearing Congressional testimony investigating their Christmas Card list. Their f*ckin' Christmas Card list.


The irony in all of the GOP Super Patriotism is that their messengers haven't served in the military, Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Scarborough, Palin and probably the entire blonde bimbo squad of conservative cheerleaders spread all over TV.


Republicans use our vets to wave their war flag and Democrats try to get the vets proper health care.


If the GOP gets control of Congress they will impeach Obama and remove him from office. That is their only goal, to get the black guy out of the White House.


I still have faith in Obama. I just wish he had the fight in him to be a tough leader and put these right wing thugs in their place so this country can move forward once again.


Thank you for writing and reminding me that there are good people out there as yourself.



Down and Down They Go


The Democrats are likely to lose 47 seats and control of the House of Representatives in November's elections, a top political analyst says in a new forecast Thursday





Paris Hilton is banned from the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I’m not sure what Paris is banned for but I think we can rule out card counting. - Jay Leno



Republican-Shenanigans News

"Before President Obama's address, he called former President George W. Bush. I'm not saying the economy is bad, but he called collect." –Jay Leno




Corporations Controlling Ovaries


An anti-abortion group plans to air radio ads in three congressional races calling for the defeat of Democratic incumbents, among the first ads to capitalize on a Supreme Court ruling this year that freed corporations to directly influence elections.



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Rock-The-Voter News

Television Changes Things


 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says television has profoundly changed confirmation hearings but declined to say whether she'd oppose televising arguments.






The homeless population in New York City has gone up 50 percent in just the last year. Advocates say it’s true that a lot of the homeless people are drug addicts and alcoholics, but most, of course, are investors.- Jay Leno


Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News



Grow It, Package It And Tax It


Times are good for the dope growers of the western Sierra Madre mountains. The army eradication squads that once hacked at the illicit marijuana fields have been diverted by the drug war that's raging elsewhere in Mexico .

The military's retreat has delighted farmers who are sowing and reaping marijuana.


Hurricanes are like divorces. They both leave you miserable with a lot less stuff.- Craig Ferguson



Rupert Murdoch: Transformer


News Corp (NWSA.O) Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch said the global economy is still in an uncertain state and the media industry is going through a fundamental transformation that is unpredictable.


Go-F**k-Yourself News


The maker of Botox has been ordered to pay $600 million after marketing the drug for unapproved uses. In a statement, Botox said, “Even if it's hard to tell from our expression, we are extremely disappointed by this decision." - Jimmy Fallon






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Odd News

To Help You Deflate Photo



In southern Montana, two young goats wandered onto the thin ledge of a railroad bridge and spent nearly two days high above the ground until rescuers in a towering cherry picker plucked them from their perch, hungry but safe.

Photo/Courtesy of Sandy Church of the Rimrock Humane Society





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