October 27, 2004 Wednesday Edition




U.S. Wants No UN Help Probing Missing Explosives

Reuters - Tue Oct 26, 6:26 PM ET

The United States said on Tuesday it saw no need for U.N. involvement in the search for nearly 380 tons of high explosives missing in Iraq, but Russia said the Security Council should pursue the issue...


60,000 mailed ballots missing, Broward elections office says
Bradenton Herald, FL - 10-27-04
FORT LAUDERDALE - The Broward County Supervisor of Elections office on Tuesday said it couldn't account for nearly 60,000 missing absentee ballots sent to ...

Army Won't Shorten Combat Tours in Iraq
Guardian, UK - 10-26-04
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Army will not shorten combat tours in Iraq next year from 12 months to six or nine months, as some had hoped, because that would ...

Gee, I wonder why Bush doesn't want the United Nations to help in finding those missing explosives?

"If Bush loses, do you think he'll leave? Or do you think he'll just say, 'I don't read the papers'?" --"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart


Man Charged With Driving Car At U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris
Tampa Tribune, FL 10-27-04


This has been a very interesting election season, eh?

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I sure am scared of
nuclear anything. After learning of the “loss” of 380
tons of explosives in Iraq, the words of former
President Carter (see attached jpg) struck me with
extra impact.

Let’s see if I understand the situation correctly.
First, people who hate us have explosives that are
ideal for igniting roadside bombs and larger versions
of the same. Second, several former Soviet states
cannot account for much of their nuclear material (and
often are not even certain when it disappeared),
Pakistan admitted that they supplied nuclear materials
to a variety of interesting characters, and some other
nations have also not been particularly careful about
their nuclear goodies. Third … you can see where I’m
heading. I, for one, am not feeling safer.



Pat Gerber

San Francisco

Thank you Pat. And to think, W has his finger on a nuclear button that he cannot even pronounce.

Disturbing News



"The woman suing Bill O'Reilly for unwanted phone sex is allegedly asking for $60 million in damages. That sounds like a lot, until you figure it works out to about $2.99 a minute." --Tina Fey

Republican Shenanigans

 "I don't know that I fully understand the impact of Hollywood stars telling people who to vote for. It certainly is not a strategy we have relied on." " said Nicolle Devenish, delusional communications director for Bush's campaign.

Good News

"I think it's a cheap shot to say just because my father is famous, I don't belong in my position." FCC Chairman Michael Powell commenting on Howard Stern 

Biz/Tech News

Click Here for Wake Up And Smell The Bush  Very Clever Animation  

Bush-Prison-Torture News


US Acts Against General Who Saw a 'Christian' War
Reuters – 10-27-04
Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Richard Cody declined to give any details of the action taken in response to Boykin's remarks, which violated Pentagon rules, but said it was
not "significant."

"I'm not a politician but I'm not an idiot, either. I just play one on TV."
-- ASHTON KUTCHER, star of "That '70s Show," at a rally for Democratic vice presidential candidate JOHN EDWARDS in Dubuque, Iowa, quoted in The Washington Post.

Go-F*** -Yourself News


Kerry/Edwards News

Aerosmith and NASA: Dream On
The legendary rockers from Aerosmith join forces with NASA to encourage the next generation of explorers to "Dream On."
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Subject: Eminem

Hi Lisa,

I hope that you enjoyed Jon Stewart’s clip last week. Thought you might want to check this one out as well. It is Eminem’s new music video entitle MOSH, live on IFILM!

The outspoken rapper takes on Bush's Iraq war with his own army--of voters.






Thank you.  His lyrics are amazing. Visuals too.

Odd News

A wire sculpture of Catalan painter Joan Miro by US sculptor Alexander Calder as displayed at the Phillips Museum as part of the "Calder-Miro" exhibit.