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Iraq's Maliki says Wikileaks documents could be used in court
The trove of leaked secret US military documents filtered its way through top levels in Iraq on Saturday, with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki saying they could be used as evidence in court cases and the US denying that it turned a blind eye to torture.

Huckabee Slams Karl Rove & GOP Establishment For 'Elitism,' 'Country Club Attitude'

Former Arkansas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee took his turn Sunday to hammer an apparent rift between some big names in the conservative leadership and the GOP establishment.

NPR chief sorry over handling of Williams' firing

NPR's chief executive says she's sorry for how analyst Juan Williams' dismissal was handled — but she's not sorry for firing him.


Christine O'Donnell makes Sarah Palin look like a Rhodes Scholar. Or as either one of them might put it, a Road's Collar. - Will Durst


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

More Warfare

A new Air Force manual for cyberwarfare describes a shadowy, fast-changing world where anonymous enemies can carry out devastating attacks in seconds and where conventional ideas about time and space don't apply.

NPR’s Pledge Drive To Feature The ‘Juan Williams Tote Bag’





Disturbing News




Three long-shot African-American Republican House candidates are fuming at national party leaders for not doing enough to help get them elected.

Campaign managers for Chuck Smith in Virginia, Charlotte Bergmann in Tennessee and Marvin Scott in Indiana all said the support they've received from GOP leaders this cycle has been dismal. They added that there could be consequences for the party if they are elected to Congress next year.



How come a guy in a cave gets it better than every Republican voting in the Senate?
- Bill Maher on Bin Laden’s statement acknowledging global warming





Republican-Shenanigans News


Mainstream Media Still Ignoring the ABSENCE of Press Coverage of a Dead Aide Found In A Republican's Office Nine Years Ago


Jury selection began Monday in the murder trial of a man accused of killing federal intern Chandra Levy nearly a decade ago, a case that derailed a California Congressman (Gary Condit) career and generated headlines around the world.



Rock-The-Voter News


Nasty Campaign Ads


It's nastier than ever this election cycle.

Coast to coast, North to South, hotly contested mid-term races have candidates going negative in ads in a big way. And it's getting personal, with zingers aimed at the private lives and even the religious beliefs of opponents. Political operatives and observers wonder how low it can go before Nov. 2.


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Biz-Tech News


Just Follow The Money


The head of Russia's federal drug control agency says the U.S. has failed to dismantle heroin-processing laboratories in Afghanistan despite specific information he has given American officials about the facilities.

"For some reason they are unable to carry out any operations to destroy these laboratories, because there is a delay from the military side," Victor Ivanov told The Associated Press through an interpreter in an interview this past week.


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Rachel Maddow sharply criticized Senate candidate Sharron Angle on Sunday, saying that the Nevada Republican aired the "most overtly racist ad of this campaign season."

Speaking on "Meet the Press," Maddow excoriated the spot for "showing a group of white college students being menaced by some tough-looking Latinos."



Go-F**k-Yourself News


In Syria, a 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl are engaged. It’s his second marriage and her first.
This is crazy. He’s almost twice her age. Tickle Me Elmo is the best man.
- Jimmy Kimmel



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France's wheelchair fencing team train in Paris October 7, 2010. The fencers are training for the World Fencing Championships which will take place in Paris from November 4-13. Photo/Jacky Naegelen




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