October 25-26,  2003 Weekend Edition

Battle looms over whether Iraq threat was oversold
The Globe and Mail, Canada - 10-25-03
... faulting them for overstating both the threat ... clearly expects it to blame the CIA ... the
issue of whether Mr. Bush deliberately overstated the case against Iraq ...

       CIA rejects Senate criticism on Iraq threat - Washington Times
       Panel: Iraq Threat Was Overstated - WVLT
       CIA, White House in blame game over Iraq - Al-Jazeera
Rushing To Judgment? Senator: Iraq probe is biased
Newsday - 10-25-03
... said it is possible that the Bush ... Intelligence Estimate that laid forth the threat
posed by Iraq ... Rockefeller suggested CIA analysts interviewed thus far ...
Dem rips GOP bid to tar CIA
Arizona Republic, AZ - 10-25-03
... exaggerated the severity of the threat ... was the public identification of a CIA ... or shaping" of intelligence that President Bush cited when justifying war with Iraq ...

What is really scary about this Halloween, is that Bush doesn't need a mask.

"[General Wesley Clark] participated in the debate with the Democrats. He was the new star. And he had to answer the question 'Why is he suddenly a Democrat?' He said he did not fit in with the Republicans because he is pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, and once when he was young and impressionable, he fought in a war." —Bill Maher

Assault on American liberals
The Straits Times, Singapore - 10-25-03
... Last week, General Wesley Clark was chastised in an opinion piece in The Washington Post for his 'mainstream-liberal policies'. ...

General Wesley Clark for President - Official Campaign Web Site


Click Here for the responses to the Dean Hartwell Opinion column we ran yesterday

I needed a whole extra page for the responses.  Passionate emails.

"There is a new book out now that lists all the foreign countries that hate or resent the United States. It's called the World Atlas." —Jay Leno

A map released by the Israeli Defense Ministry Friday Oct. 24, 2003 shows in purple the already built parts of the security barrier between Israel and the West Bank, in red approved route of parts of the barrier to be or being built, in brown gaps in barrier to be left open. (AHNC Photo/HO)

Israel May Extend Barrier Deeper in West Bank
By GREG MYRE  October 25, 2003

JERUSALEM, Oct. 24 — Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Friday that Israel's military was working on a proposal to extend a contentious West Bank barrier with a section that could go into the Jordan Valley near the border with Jordan.

Mr. Sharon's comments came as the Israeli Defense Ministry published its first detailed map of where the barrier is expected to run....

The old saying Good Fences Build Good Neighbors does not apply here.

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Excellent anti-bush music.  I hope my fabulous viewers will find some time to visit www.bumpsy.org

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Graphic by Mike Davies

"I'm a follower of American politics." —George W. Bush, on the California recall election, Crawford, Texas, Aug. 8, 2003
"Funny, I thought that as president you'd be a leader of American politics."
—Jon Stewart


"The military said that Saddam is running out of places to hide. Let's just hope he doesn't hide with his weapons of mass destruction. Then we'll never find him." —Jay Leno

JoeScarboroughkilledhisintern.com  A Post Seen on Democratic Underground Forum


Yesterday, "Democracy Now" broadcast a Michael Moore talk at a San Francisco college last Monday (Oct 20). He started talking about how Joe Scarborough had a show called "Michael Moore Hates America." Moore, of course, was outraged. So he began researching Joe Scarborough on the web and, of course, soon found the story of Lori Klausitis (sp?), Joe Scarborough's young female employee, who was found dead on the floor of his office during Scarborough's last few weeks in Congress. DUers will know this story, of course, but Moore at least pretended to have only recently learned of it.

In any case, Moore went on a rant about how Scarborough's show wasn't entitled "Does Michael Moore Hate America?" as a debatable question but rather "Michael Moore Hates America" as an irrefutable truth. Therefore, after Moore discovered the dead intern story, he bought the domain name JoeScarboroughKilledHisIntern.com  and that it should be on-line within a couple weeks. (I just checked and got an "under development" page but I also checked it under domain registries and the domain name is not available.)

It sounded as though Michael was trying to bait Scarborough into the same kind of legal hysteria O'Reilly indulged in against Al Franken. In any case, I think this is a GREAT development & we need to get this website spread around when it appears so that Scarborough won't be able to ignore it.

Link sent in by William Sterner

Check out our page on Joe Scarborough---we covered this story back in July 2001  click here

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Which two iron-fisted dictator is now Washington’s best friend and ally?


A hand out image received on October 23, 2003 shows the GlobalFlyer, which British entrepreneur Richard Branson hopes will be the first solo piloted aircraft to fly non-stop around the world without refueling. U.S. pilot Steve Fossett is aiming to set off on the attempt in the plane from the Mojave desert in the U.S. in spring or autumn 2004. Branson will be the reserve pilot in the event of illness. (AHNC ConcordeCam H/O)

"The more I research this national move to e-voting with touchscreen machines, the more frightened I become about the possible .. nay.. the inevitable abuses of the technology by mostly the GOP. This is a Party that has shown it's utter disregard to honor and integrity over the last 11 years and its willingness to win power at all costs...."

At Wit's End

Today's Top Five Headlines on BuzzFlash.com:

The Official Guide to Being a Good Republican - The Talking Points

The New York Times and Washington Post Daily Covered the Republican Fueled Clinton Bl** Job Story, But They Don't Seem to Care Much About the Outing of a CIA Agent That Damaged Our National Security. Priorities, Priorities. This is From a British Paper.

3 U.S. soldiers die in 2 attacks. 142 American GIs Killed Since Bush Taunted, "Bring Them On." 347 Overall Killed. 1958 Officially Reported Wounded. Scores More Returned to U.S. for "Other Medical Reasons." Bush Lied. Our Soldiers Betrayed. 10/25

Next Year GOP's Demagogue Smear Campaign on Dems to Arouse "Populist" (As in Peronist) Hostility Toward Dems: Gay Marriage. Let the Mud Fly! 10/25

Jay Rockefeller Charges That Bush Boy Toy, GOP Senator Pat Roberts, Wants to Make the CIA the Scapegoat in Order to Let White House Off the Hook 10/25

For More Than 150 Headlines and Stories visit http://www.buzzflash.com.

Administration Faces Supoenas From 9/11 Panel
By PHILIP SHENON October 26, 2003

MADISON, N.J., Oct. 25 — The chairman of the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks says that the White House is continuing to withhold several highly classified intelligence documents from the panel and that he is prepared to subpoena the documents if they are not turned over within weeks.

Members of Congress in line for pay raise
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - Oct 24, 2003
... The COLA increase would be the fifth straight for members of Congress ... when our country is facing record annual deficits, this automatic stealth pay raise ...
       Senate rejects attempt to stop congressional pay raise - Reno Gazette Journal
       Senate accepts $3400 pay raise - Lansing State Journal
       Feingold can’t prevent pay raise - Green Bay Press Gazette

"The U.S. Treasury is now changing the twenty dollar bill so it's peach colored. It's amazing. It actually looks like Andrew Jackson got a 'Queer Eye' makeover." —David Letterman



Bungalows at the Pearl Resort, Taha'a, French Polynesian Islands 10/22/03 (courtesy Pearl Resort-FWD)