October 21,  2003 Tuesday

Report slams U.S. for Iraqi civilian deaths
GIs overaggressive, rights group says
Chicago Tribune  10-21-03

...The report, which examined deaths that occurred since President Bush declared the end of major combat in Iraq on May 1, charges that the U.S.-led military coalition is often reluctant to investigate civilian deaths, is not careful enough to prevent them and has failed to provide an accounting of the casualties. The human-rights group alleges that many of the deaths were caused by overly aggressive U.S. military actions...

Wrong and Divisive
Washington Post Tuesday, October 21, 2003

...Would that Mr. Bush's sense of outrage at religiously inflammatory remarks was so finely tuned when it comes to members of his own administration. Thus far he has found nothing to criticize in remarks disparaging of Islam by Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin...

Mahathir tells Bush brute force will never work in fighting ...
The Nation, Thailand, Thailand -10-21-03
... That's a measure of the bad ... The veteran leader, considered the elder statesman of Southeast Asia, said he believed ... Since US President George W. Bush ...

Dubya Does Asia.

I bet the mice will have the cat play with Chinese Finger Puzzles when he returns to DC.




"So far they're a pretty sorry group, if you want to know my opinion...they're all together on this vicious rhetoric."

Barbara Bush's classy comment on the Democratic

presidential candidates.


I am so looking forward to more of Mrs. Bush's colorful commentary, aren't you?


Barbara Bush Blasts '04 Democratic Field
ABC News - 10-21-03
..Former first lady Barbara Bush doesn't think much of the nine Democrats
vying to challenge her son, President Bush, in next year's election. ...

While the cat is away the mouse will play. 

That phrase made me wonder what Bush's mice are up to and found that Dick Cheney, vice-president is going fundraising in Iowa.  I guess he wouldn't let a little thing like a WAR he is hosting, keep him from fundraising.

Cheney to visit Iowa
WQAD, IL - 25 minutes ago
CEDAR RAPIDS - Vice President Dick Cheney is coming to back to Iowa.
It's his second visit this month. Cheney is scheduled to be ...

"Rush Limbaugh is now in rehabilitation and it's going well. It's interesting, one minute you're Rush Limbaugh, great conservative radio talk show host, and the next day you're standing in line with other patients waiting for Darryl Strawberry's autograph." óDavid Letterman

Soldier Blues
Mother Jones, CA - 10-21-03
... He wants people to get the news filtered by George W ... Dowd, of the New York Times, gives examples of the Bush ... thinks that the situation in Iraq is so bad ...

"Three suspicious bags filled with clay-like material, bleach and box-cutters were found on two Southwest Airlines planes in New Orleans and Houston. That's the bad news. The good news, we have been so successful in cutting off terrorist funding they have been forced to fly Southwest." óJay Leno

Student charged after US security 'test'
The Age, Australia - 10-21-03
... email. Nathaniel Heatwole appeared in a Baltimore federal court on Monday, charged with taking a dangerous weapon aboard an aircraft...
       Cutters stayed on planes for a month - Sydney Morning Herald
       Charges for Student - Newsday
       Security breach - San Diego Union Tribune

The Language of Control
BuzzFlash - 10-21-03
... Undoubtedly, by having cultivated chums in high places, Limbaugh will be exonerated after performing penance at a Pat Robertson retreat center...



"I can't say it, but it rhymes with rich."


In 1988, gracious ex-First Lady Barbara Bush called Geraldine Ferraro, her husband's vice-presidential opponent to apologize, insisting the word she had in mind was witch.


Let the games begin.


"...Now after Florida in 2000, Congress enacted and made available several billion dollars to update and computerize voting systems in all 50 states. Not a bad idea, mind you. However, the 3 major companies that grabbed all the contracts were run by MAJOR REPUBLICAN OPERATIVES AND DONORS..."

Click here to read more from Bob Witkowski

Misleading America
Muslim American Society, United States - 10-13-03
... Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the president
himself all continue to exaggerate both the findings of David Kay -- the man ...

VIEWER EMAIL: Oceanchild13@aol.com

I, too, just recently discovered your website and II think it's fantastic! I now read it first thing in the morning with my coffee. Your hard work and efforts are appreciated.
I did want to address the letter from "A Conservative who thinks your webpage is hypocritical": First of all, good for you, it's America and you're entitled to think and say what you want, and to have an opinion .. (*unlike those of us who were opposed to the war and who were labeled "anti-American" by .. CONSERVATIVES) however .. the only thing that I've found hypocritical was *Rush Limbaugh who is known for his anti drug stance regarding drugs.Second, I've not read ANY whining here except for your letter. Let's see who's whining after the next election. Third, if the facts here are * "downright lies," then maybe you should address CNN and FOX, since some of those * "downright lies" that you seem to think that you read here have had links that send one to the source of the story. Speaking of * "downright lies," where ARE those WMD's?? One last thing, Conservative, why does it seem that Conservatives do not have a sense of humor? May I suggest that you lighten up and not take things so seriously? Life is too short.


Thanks for writing and visiting AHNC. 

Right wing conservatives are hate mongers.  It is simple as that, I think.



Clinton: I warned Bush
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Oct 18, 2003
US President George W. Bush was told by Bill Clinton about the threat al ... Mr Clinton
this week revealed he told Mr Bush in January 2001 that Osama bin Laden ...




Patriot Act has Ashcroft under fire
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - Oct 18, 2003

WASHINGTON -- Opposition to the anti-terrorism legislation passed in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has put Attorney General John Ashcroft on the defensive.

A bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation last week that would gut major provisions of the Patriot Act, including the "sneak and peek" provision, which allows federal investigators to delay notifying terrorism suspects about search warrants...




Keep All Hat No Cattle making you laugh.


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