Tuesday edition - October 20, 2009



Afghan election commission orders runoff
AP – 10-20-09
KABUL – Afghanistan's election commission has ordered a runoff election for Nov. 7 after a fraud investigation dropped President Hamid Karzai's votes below 50 percent of the total

US scientist accused of trying to sell secrets
AP – 10-20-09
AP WASHINGTON - Prosecutors say a scientist who worked on the cutting edge of moon exploration has been caught trying to sell classified secrets to an FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence agent

TMZ founder vows fight against sheriff's office
AP – Tue Oct 20, 7:43 am ET
LOS ANGELES - The founder of TMZ.com is promising a fight, saying the Los Angeles County sheriff's department illegally obtained his phone records in its investigation into who leaked a report on Mel Gibson's 2006 drunken driving arrest, including details on the actor's anti-Semitic tirade


According to USA Today, car theft is at a 20-year low. Well, that shows you how bad the auto business is. People don’t even want to steal them now.- Jay Leno




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

War On Drugs


A U.S. warship has seized about four tons of hashish being transported aboard a boat off the Horn of Africa.




As you know, the whole balloon boy thing turned out to be a big hoax. Usually when there’s a hoax involving a balloon, it’s some kind of Countrywide Mortgage scam.- Jay Leno


Posse Comitatus


 An Army investigation found that soldiers should not have been sent to man traffic stops in a small Alabama town after 11 people were killed in March during a shooting spree...The report from the Department of Army Inspector General found the use of military personnel in Samson violated the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits federal troops from performing law enforcement actions. The names of those involved were redacted from the report.


Disturbing News



"Yesterday in Louisiana, a judge denied an interracial couple a marriage license because he felt, I quote, their children would later suffer in life from being interracial. Like when they become president or win the Masters or get an Oscar." --Jay Leno


Shooting Firing the Messengers


 The New York Times said on Monday it would cut 100 newsroom jobs through buyouts or layoffs as it tries to counter lost advertising revenue....This is the second time in little more than a year that the Times has sought to reduce its newsroom staff. In 2008, the newspaper cut 100 newsroom jobs.

Earlier this year, it cut salaries by 5 percent.




Republican-Shenanigans News


"A new survey found that the average man cries about six times a year. That number would be a lot lower if it weren’t for Glenn Beck." --Jimmy Fallon





Rock-The-Voter News

Rick Perry Continues To Mess With Texas


Questions about whether Gov. Rick Perry allowed the execution of a man some arson experts say may have been innocent, and then hindered an investigation into the evidence, continue to reverberate across Texas, where issues surrounding capital punishment have rarely stirred such controversy.


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Biz-Tech News


"The Dow hit 10,000 this week, everybody! For the first time since the market collapse. And people were so excited, they took to the streets to celebrate, which is easy because so many of them live there." --Bill Maher

Is This "Newspeak"?


Even with an economic revival, many U.S. jobs lost during the recession may be gone forever and a weak employment market could linger for years.

That could add up to a "new normal" of higher joblessness and lower standards of living for many Americans, some economists are suggesting.



Bush-Prison-Torture News


"The Dow Jones on Thursday rose past the 10,000 mark for first time in over a year. 'Hooray!' shouted 15 million unemployed Americans watching CNN in their pajamas in the middle of the day." --Seth Meyers




Go-F**k-Yourself News


It was smart for them to try this balloon stunt while President Obama’s in office. That wouldn’t have worked with Bush Administration. Cheney would have shot that balloon down.- Jay Leno




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