TGIF/Weekend edition - October 20-22, 2006




We've lost battle for Baghdad, US admits
Guardian Unlimited - 10-20-06
A day after George Bush conceded for the first time that America may have reached the equivalent of a Tet offensive in Iraq, the Pentagon yesterday admitted defeat in its strategy of securing Baghdad.


Australia went into Iraq on false premise: Cosgrove
ABC Online, Australia - 10-20-06
ELEANOR HALL: The former leader of Australia's Defence Force, General Peter Cosgrove, has acknowledged that Australia entered the war in Iraq on a false premise.

White House nixes idea of partitioning wartorn Iraq
Jackson Hole Star-Tribune, WY - 10-20-06
Awaiting the recommendations of a commission exploring US options in Iraq, the White House on Thursday emphatically ruled out some proposals to end the long and unpopular war.


Gee, whatever happened to those "last throes"?



"Political experts say for the Republicans to win this November, they need something really, really big to happen -- like if President Bush suddenly finds Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden? We can't even find Wesley Snipes." --Jay Leno



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



By Don Davis


Disturbing News



Jeb Bush Guarding His Legacy


The shift is significant as a new governor takes over and Bush leaves office because of term limits. The governor has frequently said his greatest concern is that after his departure his policies and initiatives, such as the state's test-based school accountability program, could be dismantled.

But with 18 of his top staff moving to the House, Rubio is in a position to keep those programs alive.

''The Bush legacy, above all else, is about bold public policy and that's what we want to be about,'' Rubio said.


Republican Shenanigans




“According to a Kelton Research survey -- I don't know who Kelton is, but he does these surveys. Teenagers receive an average of 110 text messages a week. 110. 80 of them from Congressman Mark Foley.”-- Jay Leno


Brought to You Courtesy of the Republican Party and the Catholic Church


An elderly priest admitted getting naked in saunas with Mark Foley decades ago when the page-preying ex-congressman was a boy in Florida.
"We were friends and trusted each other as brothers and loved each other as brothers," the Rev. Anthony Mercieca, 72, told The Associated Press from his home in Malta



Republicans are going on the offense fighting back against the Foley scandal.


"It's the usual suspects", claim Republicans. The Democrats are behind this! It's those Lib'rals, like mysterious bloggers funded by George Soros, ABC News, operatives associated with Clinton(s), and Hollyweird. They're the ones who suppressed the proof until just before the election! After all, we all know that Republicans are far too
disciplined to get caught trying to have sex with underage boys just 5
weeks from an election. So it's the Democrats fault. It's a vast left
wing conspiracy.

It's not our fault, Republicans declare. Foley was an alcoholic. He had
a disease. And he was sexually abused by clergy. (Probably Lib'ral
clergy!) And he's a gay man. He can't control himself. But we have to
protect our children. Our children come first. Republicans are the
family values party. So the Republicans are suggesting ending the 200
year old Page program to make sure our children are protected from
horny gay Republicans. Republicans are being victimized by evil Democrats who
are exploiting this story for purely political purposes. How dare they!
How dare they!

The Republican's can stop Foley because he raises so much money. So
much money that it causes anyone who looks at it to go blind, deaf, and lose
their memory. But Republicans are going to take responsibility for this
scandal that the Democrats started. "The Buck Stops Here" exclaims
Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert! What he means is - Republicans are
going to keep Foley's money!


Marc Perkel


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Rock-The-Voter News



Forgive Republican Infidelity, Impeach Democrat Infidelity


He said she was “a casual acquaintance.” She said they were extramarital lovers, and told police that he tried to choke her.

His wife says she forgives him. So does President Bush.



"The Iranian government just announced that they are going to slow down Internet access speed because they don't want Iranians to have good Internet service. Apparently, the government is so serious about this they are making all Iranians subscribe to AOL." --Conan O'Brien



Biz/Tech News



Homeland Security Limousines


A limousine company caught up in a congressional bribery scandal is having its Homeland Security contract extended, several months after angry Capitol Hill hearings into why the contract was awarded in the first place.



Bush-Prison-Torture News



“Oliver Stone says his next movie will be the story of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. It will be 300 hours long with no ending.” -- Jay Leno


Go-F***-Yourself News



"The U.S. population hit 300 million people yesterday. In a related story, the population of Mexico now down to 38 people." --Jay Leno



Odd News


A photo from Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology shows the size of a neural interface -- which when implanted on the surface of the brain -- enables thoughts to move a computer cursor. Cuba and China have agreed to launch a biotechnology venture to develop neurotechnology products in China.