October 20,  2003 Monday

More US troops killed in Iraq as Saddam letter urges holy war
Channel News Asia, Singapore - 10-20-03
BAGHDAD : Two US soldiers and an Iraqi have fallen victim to continued violence in the occupied country, as a letter purportedly written by Saddam Hussein ...

White House lied on Iraq, ex-CIA analyst says here
Rochester Democrat Chronicle, NY - 10-20-03

...“Never have I seen such a cynically orchestrated campaign over a year and a half,’’ he said. “Only a few weeks ago did Bush admit that Iraq was not involved in any way with 9/11.”...

Tension , distrust - and lots of guns
Tacoma News Tribune, WA - 10-20-03
... In Iraq, owning a firearm is considered manly. Saddam Hussein - who had a passion for firearms - made no serious effort to police them up. Furthermore, prominent religious...


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You might be A Republican in Recovery if....

...Your court-ordered AA attendance sheet is brand-new and blank

...Your dealer is on speed dial.

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"Vice President Dick Cheney has given another speech linking Saddam Hussein with the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Didn't President Bush say Saddam Hussein has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks? Here's my question, what if it turns out that Dick Cheney is the dumb one?" —Jay Leno



"The White House now has a big PR campaign to convince the nation things are going well in Iraq, but their slogan is not the best: 'This is not your father's Vietnam.'" —Jay Leno

Bush weighs security plan for North Korea, but rejects treaty
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - 10-20-03

BANGKOK, Thailand -- President Bush and President Hu Jintao of China yesterday discussed a new American plan to provide a five-nation guarantee of security protection to North Korea -- but not a formal non-aggression treaty from the United States -- if North Korea dismantles its nuclear weapons programs....

GOPig Email

Subject: You are misinformed, anti-American Crybabies

From: esyoda@yahoo.com


Dear Anti-American Crybabies,
Liberals have a lot in common with Communists and Idiots (there is a difference between classical liberalism and modern, pc liberalism). Your childish, 4th grade humor is anti-American and hypocritical. You folks are disturbingly misinformed. Too bad Bush will be Re-ELECTED next year... because of his quick moves fighting terrorism and the economy slowly improving.
Your facts are outright lies and the fact that you get your "sources" and twist the words around makes it even more amusing for me to read. You are all misinformed about Conservatives. Time to stop whining about Bush being ELECTED and move on with your lives.
A Conservative who thinks your webpage is hypocritical.


I noticed you didn't name one hypocritical statement from this site. I know the truth hurts.

You're not the boss of me or any other thinking American who disagrees with you.  I don't tell anyone what they should think, or call them a communist or anti-American.  I wouldn't release the name of a CIA operative as CONSERVATIVE columnist Robert Novak did.  I present facts in a humorous manner.

Love my site or leave it. Or stay and torture yourself.  Your choice.





SUBJECT: Thank you


Just recently 'discovered' your website. What a refreshing, funny, insightful way to get political points across. I am enjoying it tremendously. Thanks.


Thank you! We are always at your service to help you digest the unrighteous right.




The devil and Miss Jones
Guardian, UK - Oct 17, 2003
... Now Rickie Lee Jones is squaring up to a far more
public enemy: the American president himself. She tells Simon ...



I think my pal Rickie Lee is a great American.

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Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is
mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.

-Mohandas K. Gandhi





"On the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson said the State Department should be blown up with nuclear bombs. I guess he just asked himself: What Would Jesus Do?" —Jay Leno


Kid gloves for neo-con cranks
Toronto Star, Canada - Oct 19, 2003
Earlier this month, American televangelist Pat Robertson suggested the US State
Department ... Maybe we need a very small nuke ... Robertson is a flake, of course. ...








Dems Air Ad Critical of Bush on CIA Leak
Guardian, UK - 10-20-03
WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats begin running a television ad Monday criticizing the
Bush administration for leaking the identity of an undercover CIA officer ...






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"Rush Limbaugh, addicted to pain killers, went into rehab and he has been in there about three or four days. He is doing unbelievably well and, in fact today, he announced his engagement to Elizabeth Taylor." —David Letterman



U.S. President Shrub explains why his 2004 re-election is absolutely certain and positively guaranteed.



"An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind"

 - Mahatma Gandhi


2 Hamas men killed, 12 hurt including 2 infants, in IAF strikes in Gaza City





Have you noticed that Robert Novak's teeth have gotten bigger?  Maybe his teeth have grown instead  of his nose? Or maybe he bought a cheap pair of choppers?




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Big Fatty Rush Gets

Rest and Rehabilitation


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Dolphins surfing and looking for weapons of mass destruction. 

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