October 18, 2004 Monday Edition



Why is war-torn Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us?

The Guardian, 10-16-04

Here is a small sample of who has been getting "reparation" awards from Iraq: Halliburton ($18 million), Bechtel ($7 million), Mobil ($2.3 million), Philip Morris ($1.3 million), Sheraton ($11 million), Kentucky Fried Chicken ($321,000) and Toys R Us ($189,449) ...



Australia Rejects U.N. Plea to Send More Troops to Iraq
Voice of America, Washington, D.C., 10-18-04
Australia has turned down a request by the United Nations to send more troops to Iraq to protect UN personnel there. Australia has ...

Police Show Strain From Endless Alerts

washingtonpost.com, 10-18-04

The first call came in to the U.S. Capitol early in the morning. A Capitol Police officer was too sick to work. Soon, another officer called with the same problem. Then another. And another.


How can a guy who loses three debates even be in the running for president?

“Every time he says, 'They hate us for our freedom' I just want to slap him in his two dimensional mind." -- Bill Maher on George W. Bush

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Quotes of the day from Tucker Carlson and Jon Stewart:

Tucker Carlson: You always scold people like this at dinner at your house?
Jon Stewart: If they have a show that's as stupid as this one.

Carlson: You need to get a job at a journalism school, I think.

Stewart: You need to go to one.

Carlson: Wait. I thought you were going to be funny. Come on. Be funny.
Stewart: No. No. I'm not going to be your monkey.

Carlson: You know, you're not as fun as you are on your TV show. And ...
Stewart: You know what, you're just as big a dick as you are on your TV show.

CNN "Crossfire" Transcript

Or, if you prefer video clips -

Part I

Part II

Part III


Jon Stewart Bitchslaps CNN's 'Crossfire' Show MTV

Bill O'Reilly Memo: Why pay for phone sex when you can harass your employees for free?

O'Reilly may need top spin this time Newsday

Dan Rather, CBS News Anchor
1) given documents he thought were true
2) failed to thoroughly investigate the facts
3) reported documents to the American people as true to make his case
4) when confronted with the facts, apologized and launched an investigation
5) number of Americans dead: 0
6) Republican solution: Should be fired as CBS News Anchor

George W. Bush, President of the United States
1) given documents he thought were true
2) failed to thoroughly investigate the facts
3) reported documents to the American people as true to make his case
4) when confronted with the facts, continued to report untruth and stonewalled an investigation
5) number of Americans dead: 1,100
6) Republican solution: Should be given four more years as President of the United States

Disturbing News

 "We still don't know what the deal is what that thing in Bush's back, but I tell you, if God has a sense of humor, it is something that can only be cured with stem cell research." –- Bill Maher, on the bulge in the back of Bush's suit jacket during the first presidential debate

 Republican Shenanigans

''I don't know why you're talking about Sweden. They're the neutral one. They don't have an army.'' -- President Bush, during an Oval Office meeting with Rep. Tom Lantos 

Good News


How W was born again

…It was in 1985, around the time of his 39th birthday, George W. Bush says, that his life took a sharp turn toward salvation. At that point he was drinking, his marriage was on the rocks, his career was listless. Several accounts have emerged from those close to Bush about a faith "intervention" of sorts at the Kennebunkport family compound that year. Details vary, but here's the gist of what I understand took place. George W., drunk at a party, crudely insulted a friend of his mother's. George senior and Barbara blew up. Words were exchanged along the lines of something having to be done. George senior, then the vice president, dialed up his friend, Billy Graham, who came to the compound and spent several days with George W. in probing exchanges and walks on the beach. George W. was soon born again. He stopped drinking, attended Bible study and wrestled with issues of fervent faith. A man who was lost was saved.

    His marriage may have been repaired by the power of faith, but faith was clearly having little impact on his broken career. Faith heals the heart and the spirit, but it doesn't do much for analytical skills… – Ron Suskind, Columnist, New York Times


Biz/Tech News


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Incredible Origami

Go-F*** -Yourself News

"The Cheneys say they are very proud of their daughter. They say they are so proud, she should never ever be mentioned in public." –- Bill Maher

Kerry/Edwards News

Odd News

'Destino,' the long-delayed film begun in 1946 by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, now is being shown in New York. Only six minutes long, the fantastical jewel packs enough symbols to keep art historians and psychologists busy for years. (Animazing Gallery)