October 15-17, 2004 TGIF Edition




Federal Deficit Surges to Record $413 Billion

AP, 10-15-04  

Democrats are blaming President Bush for the record 2004 federal deficit of $413 billion, but Republicans say the figure shows that the economic and budget pictures are brightening.


Halliburton's Interests Assisted by White House

Los Angeles Times, 10-14-04

The administration has lent support to a lucrative drilling technique. Some in the EPA consider it an environmental concern.


Auditors Can't Account for Iraq Spent Funds

AP, 10-14-04

U.S. and Iraqi officials doled out hundreds of millions of dollars in oil proceeds and other moneys for Iraqi projects earlier this year, but there was little effort to monitor or justify the expenditures...

No wonder the Lynne-Dick Tag Team is keeping the attention on their poor daughter.  Heavens to Betsy that we pay attention to the deficit, Halliburton and no accounting for hundreds of millions of our tax dollars.

"President Bush's approval rating has now dropped down to 47 percent. You know that lump on his back? Well, it's moved to his throat.'' –- Jay Leno

O'Reilly scandal: Intersection of court, TV
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, Fla., 10-15-04
The battle between Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and the woman who has accused him of sexual harassment escalated Thursday on several fronts, from courthouses to the ...


Dave Casey


The Large Editor -- AllHatNoCattle.net



Far right faces sexual identity crisis

It was a joke! I’m not voting for Bush!

All Hat No Cattle is a political satire site, and last week I wrote that I had decided to vote for Dubya because of the FEMA disaster recovery check of about $400 that we hope to receive after Hurricane Ivan. Several readers believed me, and one who saw through the sarcasm opined that I should not even joke about voting for “the idiot.”

Well let me state this clearly for the record: My vote is not for sale for a measly FEMA check.

I was born, raised and educated on Chicago’s South Side, and it would take at least a job on the city or the Cook County payroll to buy my vote. And because I now live along the Redneck Riviera in the Florida panhandle, that truly would be a great job – sort of like being vice president of the United States and continuing to receive money from Halliburton.

At any rate, the gravity of this week’s political developments precludes any lame attempts at humor in my commentary this week.

With sex controversies simmering around Fox TV’s Bill O’Reilly and Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, right-wing conservatives in the U.S. are facing a critical moment. Not to mention the fact that their boy Dubya just got his ass handed to him in the third presidential debate.

0 and 3. Sounds like the start of another season for the Bears.

Seriously, though, I can understand why O’Reilly and the Cheneys are righteously indignant.

Big Bill – as some female co-workers reportedly refer to him – does not need to talk dirty in order to interest women. His rugged good looks and conservative compassion on social issues and women’s rights already have endeared him to legions of American females.

Does anybody really believe that such a man is capable of sexual harassment, as a lawsuit just filed against him claims?

And the Cheneys, those pillars of moral rectitude, have every right to be upset that their daughter’s sexual orientation has been mentioned by the Democratic opposition.

It’s OK for the Cheneys to bring up that subject publicly when it suits their political motives of the moment. But God forbid that others refer to it during a discussion of gay rights and family issues.

When in doubt about the appropriateness of material for public debate, remember this mantra of the far right. It’s permissible for the vice president to tell a Democratic U.S. Senator to have sex with himself or for Republicans to spend millions of taxpayer dollars investigating a Democratic president’s sex life. But it’s morally wrong to talk in serious, non-judgmental tone about sexual issues and circumstances pertaining to Republican leaders and their families.

Perhaps O’Reilly can help the Cheneys adjust their daughter’s sexual orientation, so that annoying subject won’t come up any more. If O’Reilly is still looking for a producer of his show to replace the one suing him for harassment, maybe Mary Cheney could hire on. After a few weeks’ exposure to Big Bill, she might become asexual.      

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The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


You might be a right wing Republican if ... you've ever used the phrase, "Smoke them out."

Disturbing News



Activist accuses GOP of 'attacking gays'
CNN - 10-15-04
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The head of the nation's largest gay and lesbian Republican group slammed fellow Republicans Friday for "feigning outrage" over comments by ...


Republican Shenanigans

“Total ass, slimeball. It’s outrageous, his lies about my family.” -- Former President Bush describing Michael Moore and his film Fahrenheit 911

"There's a new three strikes and you're out policy. But enough about President Bush in the debates. Let's move on.''
– Jay Leno

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Biz/Tech News


Some can catch a lie nearly 90 percent of time
Seattle Times, 10-15-04
WASHINGTON -- The clues aren't as obvious as Pinocchio's nose, but some individuals can detect the subtle signs that people reveal when they lie…

The vast majority of people don't notice those flickers of falsehood, but psychology professor Maureen O'Sullivan has found a few who can find the fibbers nearly every time.

There are two categories of clues to a lie, thinking clues and emotional ones, she explained.

"Basic emotions are hard to conceal completely," O'Sullivan said. People may be afraid of being caught or happy that they are putting something over on another person, so some inappropriate emotion may flicker across their face.

O'Sullivan calls these microexpressions — changes that last less than a second — and the people best at catching liars are able to notice them.

Look for shrugs: "Someone telling you something very positive and shrugs in the middle," she said. Watch body posture, hand gestures, eye flutters.

"The latest polls say Bush and Kerry are in a dead heat. Reuters' three-day tracking poll says it’s tied at 45 percent; the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll has it 49 percent Kerry and 48 percent Bush. In an election this close, it's gonna come down to who wants it more and which candidate's brother is governor of Florida." -- Jimmy Kimmel

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