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Student Voters Pick Senator Barack Obama to Win
CNNMoney.com - 10-14-08
The votes are in and student voters have spoken: Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama is the winner of the 2008 Scholastic Election Poll, with 57% of the...


Kashkari Leaps From Obscurity to Lead Role in US Bank Rescue
Bloomberg - 10-14-08
Minutes before Neel Kashkari's public debut as the chief of the US Treasury's financial rescue plan, he sat in a hotel lobby in Washington, unrecognized by many of the international bankers...

Iraq opens bidding on oil contracts
Financial Times, UK - 10-14-08
Iraq opened bidding Monday on the first round of contracts to develop its oil fields since the fall of Saddam Hussein, in an effort to


"If [Sarah Palin] wins, I’m done. I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth." - Tina Fey tells TV Guide




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Journalists Are Leaving Iraq


The number of foreign journalists in Baghdad is declining sharply, a media withdrawal that reflects Iraq's growing stability and the financial strains faced by some news organizations.
In a stark indication of the changing media focus here, the number of journalists traveling with American forces in Iraq has plummeted in the past year. U.S. military officials say they "embedded" journalists 219 times in September 2007. Last month, the number shrank to 39.


"The question [Sarah Palin] keeps asking at all of the rallies is, 'Who is Barack Obama?' You know what, genius, maybe if you'd picked up a newspaper in the last year you'd know. He's the guy who's kicking your ass." --Bill Maher




Disturbing News

Pirate Update


Relatives of crew members on a seized Ukrainian ship have urged Ukraine to pay a multi-million ransom to pirates holding the vessel off Somalia's coast.



"If more people read Kitty Kelly's book about the Bush dynasty we might not be in the stew we are in right now." - James Cromwell, the actor who portrays George H W Bush in the Oliver Stone movie "W"


Palin poem

By Catherine McGuire


Rapidly, vapidly, Sarah Sue Palin
had fired up her base, citing Chapter and Verse;
launching her sleazy attacks evangelically -
who knew, after Bush, there could be someone worse?

Winkingly, stinkingly, sugar-tipped poison darts
shoot from the lipsticked pitbull in a suit.
Evasive, persuasive, the smears pile like cowpats
and it's clear this Alaskan is a Karl Rove recruit!







Republican-Shenanigans News

To Have A Legitimate Baby Or Not


The teenage pregnant daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her boyfriend are considering a summer wedding.

Bristol Palin, 17, and Levi Johnston, 18, haven't set a wedding date yet, his mother, Sherry Johnston, said Thursday.

The two have been considering getting married next summer, "but that could change," she said during a short interview outside her Wasilla home. The baby is due in late December.


"A town in Upstate New York is being accused of being biased 'cause they sent out absentee ballots that say 'Barack Osama.' Today they apologized and printed new ballots that say 'Barack Hussein Osama.'" --Conan O'Brien


Rock-The-Voter News

Must See! Too Funny!


Effin News - Debates and Bailouts






"I voted for Bush, father and son, but this time I'll vote for Obama."
- Dennis Hopper, actor


Film Delayed Till After the Election


If Sen. John McCain has more to say publicly about his time in a North Vietnamese prison before next month's election, it will not be with help from Warner Brothers.

The studio moved quietly over the last few weeks to block any promotional showing of an interview — tied to the release of the first DVD version of the 1987 film Hanoi Hilton — in which McCain spoke of his imprisonment in the Hoa Lo prison during the Vietnam War. The studio is concerned that any pre-election showing might embroil the project in electoral politics.



Vote for Obama. McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president. And Palin is simply a disgrace. - Christopher Hitchens



Biz-Tech News

Congressman Calls For Investigation of Himself!


 Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney, married with a child, declined to say Monday whether he had carried on an affair with a former aide and paid to keep her quiet, then called for an investigation by the House ethics committee into his own conduct.


I don't know which Depression is Greater: mine or the Country's.  - Grant Gerver




Subject: Manchurian candidate



I'm sure you and your readers remember the movie "The Manchurian Candidate" in which a prisoner in North Korea was brain washed into doing a dirty deed when shown a particular card. John McCain was held prisoner, tortured and probably brainwashed while in captivity.

It could have happened. Hopefully we'll never find out.

Bob in North Canton


McCain has obviously suffered from all those years of torture. He has a hair trigger temper and a nasty mouth -- not qualifications for the kind of president I want to lead this country.


Plus he and his wife's family were up to their necks with Charles Keating. The last thing this country needs is another banking crisis under a Republican president who cavorts with criminals.



Bush-Prison-Torture News

Mexicans Turn On Police


 An angry crowd in central Mexico attacked police and helped nearly three dozen illegal Central American immigrants escape from custody after hearing that officers had allegedly sold the migrants to human smugglers, officials said Monday.


Go-F**k-Yourself News


How Beer Works




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Odd News




Robotic suits named HAL, or 'hybrid assistive limb,' are shown by Yoshiyuki Sankai, a University of Tsukuba professor and new company Cyberdyne chief executive who designed HAL, explains during a press conference at the headquarters of Cyberdyne in Tsukuba, outside Tokyo, Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008. HAL, that reads brain signals and helps people with mobility problems, will be available to rent in Japan for US$2,200 for both legs and $1,500 for a one leg a month starting Friday — an invention that may have far-reaching benefits for the disabled and elderly.
 Photo/Katsumi Kasahara)