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The Meg Whitman Whore-gate
The Meg Whitman Whore-gate has produced more of the reverse double backflip conservative feminism that this campaign season will be long remembered for...


Report: Candidate in Ohio wore German SS uniform

 A report says a Republican candidate for the U.S. House in Ohio dressed up in a German SS uniform to participate in Nazi reenactments.

NY GOP gov hopeful Paladino makes anti-gay remarks

Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino told Orthodox Jewish leaders on Sunday he doesn't want children "brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality" is acceptable.


Who would have thought politicians and their operatives use salty language behind closed doors. I'm shocked.



"What is it with conservatives? Seriously, I'm not trying to be partisan but it seems like if they're anti-illegal alien, they have illegal aliens working for them. If they're anti-gay, they turn out to be gay. If they're super Christian, they're a witch." –Bill Maher


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


Beck Needs To Go To School



Fox News television host Glenn Beck says the idea of “collective salvation” – that our fates are linked – is “dangerous to the Constitutional republic.” He argues that related notions of social justice, redistribution, and ending oppression are fundamentally anti-American, communist creeds. American’s Founding Fathers would disagree. They embraced collective redemption and the protection of the common good.



Open Limerick To The Anti-Government Crowd
By Madeleine Begun Kane

You folks who cry out for less gov
Have lots of gov programs you love:
You think Medicare’s great
And you’d surely berate
Any pol who gave SS a shove.

You hate taxes for highways and schools,
But you don’t want your kids taught by fools.
And you’re quick to unload
When your bridges corrode.
Please wake up — don’t be Tea Party tools.



Disturbing News

Sarah 2012? Comedians Everywhere Are Cheering


Sarah Palin hints at 2012 presidential run in remarks implying her similarity to Ronald Reagan








Republican-Shenanigans News



The Tea Party All-Stars: The Worst of Extreme GOP Midterm Candidates

...if you step back and look at the group as a whole (or at least some of the leading Tea Party favorites), you can get a real sense of what the Republican Party is offering voters in November.





"Christine O'Donnell finally came out of hiding and put out an end this week. The first words of the ad are 'I am not a witch.' This is the first time a candidate had to deny being a witch in a campaign since, I got to go back to the Massachusetts primary of 1692." –Bill Maher



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"Todd Palin – have you heard this story? In Alaska, Joe Miller – he's the teabagger nut who's running for the Senate there – they got into a big brouhaha because apparently Sarah Palin put this guy on the map, and then Joe Miller was asked if Sarah Palin could be president, and he said, 'I don't know.' So then Todd Palin, all pissed off, wrote him a bunch of emails full of grammatical errors and spelling errors. Don't f*ck with Todd Palin. He will make you an offer he can't pronounce. You mess with Todd Palin, you could wake up with a horse's ass in your bed, like he does everyday." –Bill Maher


The Angler


In a dramatic shift, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle said Saturday she wouldn't work to privatize Veterans Affairs, dismantle Social Security or dismiss unemployment benefits as welfare.




Rock-The-Voter News


“We are either a united people, or we are not. If the former, let us, in all matters of general concern act as a nation, which have national objects to promote, and a national character to support. If we are not, let us no longer act a farce by pretending to it.”  - George Washington in a letter to James Madison on naming the country the United States of America

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Biz-Tech News


"It's now being alleged that Lou Dobbs had illegal immigrants working for him. The good news, he's now qualified to run for governor of California." –Jay Leno



Bush-Prison-Torture News

Whoa. Don't Go To Greece for Healthcare.


This Saturday, one of Greece’s most respected newspapers, To Vima, reported that the nation’s largest government health insurance provider would no longer pay for special footwear for diabetes patients. Amputation is cheaper, says the Benefits Division of the state insurance provider.


Go-F**k-Yourself News


According to the National Institute of Health, as people age, their brains respond less strongly to rewards. They say older people become less excited when they win something. Whoever did this study has never seen a bingo game. - Jay Leno





So close I can almost taste it!



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Odd News

To Help You Deflate Photo




A picture released on the Lebanese Army's official website shows an aerial view taken from a military helicopter of what the army said is the world's largest national flag photographed at the Rayak air base in the eastern Bekaa valley. Having breezed through several world records in the culinary field Lebanon has now gone for the big one -- the world's largest national flag.




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