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Criticism leveled at Bush policy toward N. Korea
Baltimore Sun, United States - 10-10-06
... Tony Snow, the White House spokesman, defended Bush's policy of avoiding direct talks with North Korea. The administration is willing ...

In Iraq, contractor deaths near 650, legal fog thickens
Reuters - 10-10-06
The war in Iraq has killed at least 647 civilian contractors to date, according to official figures that provide a stark reminder of the huge role of civilians in supporting the U.S. military.

Democrat Calls for North Korea Talks
Washington Post, United States - 10-10-06
... Bill Richardson, who served in President Bill Clinton's administration and has visited North Korea, said President Bush was right to seek sanctions against ...


You know, even if Bush does talk to North Korea, I bet they won't understand him either.



North Korea: welcome aboard, you nuclear stud! Now, just invade an oil-rich nation for no reason and you'll really have arrived.-- Grant Gerver 




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



The Army was for fighting foreign wars, the National Guard was for help within the nation. What happened? - Zing!




Where's Oliver North When You Need Him?


Washington should send Oliver North of Contra-scandal fame to Iran and North Korea, with or without a Bible and key-shaped cake, and talk seriously to them about matters of mutual interest, such as making sure that weapons go to US-licensed freedom fighters. The Israelis can provide airlift and service agreements as they did for Irangate, and that will hush any objectors in the US Congress.

If this seems a little far-fetched, one has to consider the alternatives. Perhaps the only thing worse than an overtly nuclear North Korea are the consequences of letting the Bush administration provoke Pyongyang with a naval blockade or other attacks on sovereignty.




Ode To Keith Olbermann

By Madkane.com

Olbermann goes
Where others don’t dare.
It’s amazing that Keith
Remains on the air.



Disturbing News



DC Brothel Busted


Federal agents have seized more than $427,000 in cash and stocks from a woman accused of running a money-laundering scheme from her Washington-based prostitution business, court records obtained Monday show...Palfrey's clients may have included wealthy doctors and lawyers in Washington and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs, but no well-known names have so far surfaced, said a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.



Mark Foley in charge of protecting children. Will the Republicans put bin Laden in charge of homeland security? - Zing!





You wrote - "Make the world a safer place by sterilizing all Republicans."

Let's not forget retroactive abortion.


Doug, Indiana



By Don Davis


Republican Shenanigans



What's wrong with this picture: Dennis Hastert apologized for the congressional page scandal and took responsibility for it, then claimed he'd done nothing wrong. - Zing!


Joseph Wilson Update


Former US diplomat Joseph Wilson was the first senior government official to expose the lies upon which the Bush administration was building its case for war against Iraq. Politics and the media destroyed Wilson's reputation, but history has proved him right in the end. Now he is fighting to restore his good name.




Rock-The-Voter News



"Yesterday, Hastert defended himself by saying he had no idea what was going on. Hey, don't laugh. It worked for President Bush." --Jay Leno







"I was frequently the person trying to take sand out of people's underwear, which is a very difficult task if it's not your underwear."-- Andrew Card

Biz/Tech News


"Hastert also told reporters he will not be pressured to step down as House Speaker in the wake of the Foley scandal. Some say Hastert is afraid to step down, as there's a good chance he'll go right through the floor." --Amy Poehler


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Jennifer Wilbanks – who a year and a half ago bolted into tabloid infamy as the "Runaway Bride" when she faked her own kidnapping for three days on the eve of her lavish wedding in Duluth, Ga. – is suing her former fiancé for $500,000.


Al Dente


A popular Italian satirical television show has exposed what appears to be widespread drug use among the country's parliamentarians.

In secret tests for a number of illegal substances the programme
said 16 of 50 lower house deputies tested positive for cocaine and cannabis.



Go-F***-Yourself News




Subject: Re: Christ like behavior


Amish man and his son shoe my horse and over the course of a couple of years they have become friends.
Today I went to their shop and sat around for over an hour.
I went to apologize for what crawled out of our sewer of a society into a little schoolhouse in Pennsylvania.
But the subject never came up.
Driving home I remembered something my (younger and wiser) niece told me. Always consider an apology, and who you want to feel better.
Knowing is putting good advice like that into practice without thinking about it. I did that today. And actually felt better, without the apology.

Doug, Indiana


Thank you for writing, it brightened my day.





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Odd News



This photo shows a new bird that has been discovered in a previously unexplored Andean cloud forest, conservation groups have announced, in Bogota, Colombia, Monday, Oct. 9, 2006. The bright yellow and red-crowned Yariguies brush-finch was named for the indigenous tribe that once inhabited the mountainous area where it was discovered and which committed mass suicide instead of submitting to Spanish colonial rule. (Photo/ Blanca Huertas)