January 6,  2003 Tuesday

Bush leaves children behind?
Tri-Valley Herald, CA - 1-6-04

Two years after the federal "No Child Left Behind" education reform act became law, a principal co-author said Monday the Bush administration is still failing to meet its goals.

"(M)illions of school children are being left behind every day because the president and his congressional allies are more interested in rhetoric than in reform," Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, charged Monday, even as President Bush defended the legislation during a visit to a St. Louis school. ...


Bad policy, smart politics
Working for Change, CA - 1-6-04
WASHINGTON -- One of the mysteries that politicians and we commentators muddle as much as we clarify revolves around this question: If George W. Bush is such a conservative, why is he spending so much money and why are deficits so high?...

Bush-Cheney Team Taking Grass-Roots Approach
Lakeland Ledger, FL - 1-6-03

...About 7,000 paid and volunteer precinct organizers will be on the ground in the fall, feverishly trying to get 80 percent of Republicans in every county to the polls.
"You're going to see the greatest grass-roots undertaking by the Republican Party in modern political history," said Ralph Reed, chief of the BushCheney campaign in the Southeast....


One would hope that Bush would pick up some good reading habits visiting as many elementary schools as he does.




"It's tough at the top. He better get his Teflon suit on." -- Democratic strategist Donna Brazille, who ran Al Gore's White House campaign in 2000, on Democratic presidential front-runner Howard Dean.




``I hate him.''

 - Francis Schuelka of Cedar, Iowa, on his love for Jesus and distaste for President Bush, at a campaign event for Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. Kerry quipped in response: ``I know you're not referring to Jesus.''


Democratic Presidential Contender Dean Wins Prominent Endorsement
Voice of America - 1-6-04
Former Senator and 2000 presidential contender Bill Bradley has thrown
his support to former Vermont Governor Howard Dean for president. ...



Martha jurors head to court
CNN International - 1-6-04
... NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Hundreds of potential jurors for the trial of Martha Stewart
reported to a federal courthouse in Manhattan Tuesday for what will be one ...



 "Let them hate, so long as they fear."
-- Lucius Accius




"Patriotism, to me, is pulling together after 9/11 and going after Osama bin Laden. George Bush went after Saddam Hussein without connections (to bin Laden). This country is still owed an explanation as to why we went to war in Iraq." -Wesley Clark




This is a great exchange and had Russert (R-Puppy) on his heels:

MR. RUSSERT: General, you had this to say. "Having other people
tell you what to do is no substitute for having been there in the
arena yourself. ... You need a candidate who's got foreign policy
expertise." Do you believe that Howard Dean has the necessary
foreign policy expertise to be an effective president?

GEN. CLARK: Well, I'll say this to you, Tim. If George W. Bush is
qualified to be president of the United States, then any of the
Democratic candidates are more qualified. I just don't believe
that at this time in American history the Democratic Party can
field candidates who can only represent the education, health,
job and compassionate sides of the party. We have to be a
full-spectrum party. We have to deal with the challenges facing
America at home and the challenges facing America abroad. And
that's why I'm running.

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Can you imagine Clark, with his educational and leadership background debating W?

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My favorite one was

by Harry Katatsakis, Derek Rittenhouse, Chris Wight of New York, NY



"The only people I know whose income has gone up over four years is Halliburton." -Wesley Clark


A GOP opponent in New Hampshire to President Bush



Commentary: Bob Witkowski  AtWitsEnd.org

1/5/04 - Pop Quiz

Quick, What's a "Far Leftist'? What's a "Secularist"?

Give up? How about a hint...they're out to get your children. [I think. That's the implication.] They're out to destroy every vestige of Jayzuhsss.{Again, I think that's what they're after.] Or, they might be out to ravage your innocent yet ravishing white daughters. [Again, I think. I could be wrong here.]

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"Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff."
-- Frank Zappa


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