January 30,  2004  TGIF

Rice admits US doubts on WMD

Guardian - 1-30-04

The British government was today facing renewed pressure over the case for war with Iraq after the Bush administration admitted for the first time that Saddam Hussein may never have held stocks of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
The national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, one of US president George Bush's most trusted lieutenants and a strong advocate of the invasion of Iraq, made the concession during a series of interviews on major American news programmes....


Bush Aide Leads White House Offensive on Iraqi Weapons
New York Times -1-29-04
The White House went on the offensive today on the issue of Iraq's weapons program, as President Bush's national security adviser brushed aside calls for an ...

White House pushes deficit to trillions
People's Weekly World, United States - 1-30-04
Just a week after bragging in his State of the Union speech that the economy is on the mend, George W. Bush faced angry charges that his policies have pushed working people deeper in debt to enrich the wealthy elite.
The Fair Taxes for All Coalition (FTFA) released a scathing statement ...

www.theworriedshrimp.com did today's toon.  I love his artwork.

Subject: Why the President didn't say "imminent"

Dear Lisa,
You have no doubt noticed the preoccupation of the right wing with the claim that Bush did not say Iraq was an "imminent" threat.
I have learned that the actual reason was that, despite staffers coaching, the best Mr. Bush could do was something like "Eminem mint", so they went with alternative verbiage.
I was also informed of the reason staffers used "African" rather than "Niger" in the 2003 SOTU speech, but I would prefer to save that for the book.


Thanks for writing John. Considering W's propensity for mispronouncing words, the staffers were smart in substituting Africa for Niger. Too bad.

MadKane agrees with you.  See her great toon below


CBS is censoring an ad for the super bowl while the White House will be allowed to run adís. Tell CBS


Hereís the ad they're censoring http://www.moveon.org/cbs/ad/


The Halliburton Shuffle
New York Times - 1-30-04
Can you spell Halliburton? Rip- off. War-torn Iraq has been a gold
mine for Halliburton, yet another treasure trove of US taxpayer ...

Check out this website!  Funny!


Castro accuses Bush of plotting to assassinate him
Channel News Asia, Singapore - 1-30-04

HAVANA : President Fidel Castro accused US President George W. Bush of planning to have him assassinated to overthrow Cuba's communist government.

Castro also warned Friday that he was ready to "go down fighting" if the United States should try to invade Cuba at any time....


Iraq Commission Could Pose Serious Threat to Bush
Reuters, United States - 1-30-04
... An independent commission ... year's invasion of Iraq ... demanded by Democrats
could pose a serious political threat to President Bush. ...


A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.
-- Texas Guinan


Franken Assaulting People?

1-28-04 The Hamster

If you've been reading what's been written in the conservative press lately, you may have been hearing a lot about Al Franken and an incident with a Lyndon LaRouche supporter. However, there is more to the story than what the NY Post and Newsmax.com have been selectively reporting. This is what I wrote on AlFrankenWeb.com...



Ode to Feisty Franken

Ferocious Franken,
Feisty Al's our man.
He'll tackle hecklers sans battle plan.

With wit so zany,
Franken cuts through bunk.
He's not just brainy -- Big Al's got spunk.

So if you're thinking
Of insulting Dean,
John Kerry, Edwards, or being mean.

You'd better check and
See if Al's around.
Cause Al can take you in one quick round.





Hi Lisa,
The hate-wing attack machine [against John Kerry] started with drudge and the botox digs.
Where will it lead?

 I imagine pretty close to your toon!  I heard Imus on MSNBC criticize Kerry's wife for wearing an alpaca scarf. Huh?  Let the games begin.





I saw a subliminal advertising executive, but only for a second. Steven Wright

Scott Ritter was on C-SPAN this morning.  He was a UN weapons inspector from 1991-1998.  He spoke against the war in Iraq long before Bush did his pre-emptive strike.  The media slammed him.  I found this article from September 2002.  Worth reading. Ritter was right.

CNN's Hatchet Job on Scott Ritter
Media smear ex-Marine for seeking answers on Iraq

...By Monday, professional hairdo Paula Zahn told viewers Ritter had "drunk Saddam Hussein's Kool-Aid." ...

Disturbing News

Bush Budget Raises Cost of Medicare

Military Frees 3 Teens From Guantanamo Bay

Vets Recruited to Fight Bush OT Proposal

Hometown efforts to help troops hindered

"We have a variety of intelligence and we're sure we're going to catch Osama bin Laden and (former Taliban leader) Mullah Omar this year." -- Military spokesman Lt. Col. Bryan Hilferty, who predicted the captures Thursday as the Army readied a spring offensive against Taliban and al-Qaida holdouts.

I wonder if Osama will be found in a hole or a cave? Anybody taking bets?




The Poas volcano, located in Costa Rica, is a stratovolcano with several eroded calderas, cones, and two crater lakes at or near its summit. Poas has erupted at least 39 times since 1828 and is in state of nearly continuous mild activity. (Costa Rica/HO)