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Gingrey apologizes for Limbaugh criticism
CNN Political Ticker - 1-29-09
(CNN) – Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia apologized Wednesday for criticizing conservative hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, assuring his...



Stimulus package passes House, without a single Republican vote
Detroit Free Press, United States - 1-29-09
If Wednesday's 244-188 vote was an indication, it may be a challenge: Not one Republican voted for the bill, even though Obama met with them personally on...


Officials: Army suicides at 3-decade high
The Associated Press - 1-29-09
WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense officials say suicide among US soldiers increased again last year and is at a nearly three-decade high. The Army plans to announce...


Al Qaeda has unleashed a stream of verbal attacks against President Obama, calling him names and saying his policies will all end in failure. Well, who do these people think they are, Rush Limbaugh?- Jay Leno



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush


On the front lines in Iraq, U.S. troops can scan someone's eye or finger to try to determine if he is a potential enemy or has been connected to a terror attack.

At military bases on U.S. soil, it's not that easy.

The use of biometrics — ranging from simple fingerprints to more advanced retinal and facial scans — has thrived in Iraq, where soldiers carry handheld devices that enable them to link to databases filled with hundreds of thousands of identities.


But listen to this. They’re closing Guantanamo. That’s how bad things are, ladies and gentlemen. That’s how bad the economy is. You know it’s tough, you know the economy is bad, when even the terrorists are being laid off.- David Letterman



Disturbing News




Today, President Barack Obama’s first interview as president with an Arabic news network was aired. He told the mostly Muslim nations that America has changed and said if they “unclench their fist,” we will shake their hand. But they’re hesitant because Bush told them the same thing and then got them with a joy buzzer. - Jimmy Kimmell


US Mail Update


Massive deficits could force the post office to cut out one day of mail delivery, the postmaster general told Congress on Wednesday, in asking lawmakers to lift the requirement that the agency deliver mail six days a week. If the change happens, that doesn't necessarily mean an end to Saturday mail delivery. Previous post office studies have looked at the possibility of skipping some other day when mail flow is light, such as Tuesday.


Republican-Shenanigans News


Bushbots, repeat after me: I, Bushbot, solemnly pledge to not blame all problems on Clinton or the liberal media for the next 8 years.- Zing!




Bush Is Gone And So Are His Mercenaries


Iraq will not allow Blackwater Worldwide to continue providing security protection for U.S. diplomats in the country, Iraqi and U.S. officials said Thursday.

Blackwater's image in Iraq was irrevocably tarnished by the September 2007 killing of 17 Iraqi civilians in Nisoor Square.

Rock-The-Voter News




And on “Good Morning America,” Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said he considered offering the vacant Senate seat to Oprah Winfrey, but changed his mind when she wouldn’t give him a car.- Jay Leno


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Biz-Tech News

Peanut Poisoning Update


Managers at the Blakely, Ga., plant owned by Peanut Corp. of America continued shipping peanut products even after they were found to contain salmonella.

Peanut Corp. expanded its recall Wednesday to all peanut products produced at the plant since Jan. 1, 2007. The company is relatively small, but its peanut paste is an ingredient in hundreds of food products, from ice cream, to Asian-style sauces, to dog biscuits


Scary moment for Gov. Blagojevich earlier today. Several geese were sucked into his hair.- David Letterman


Why Fly First Class?



 American Airlines is limiting the number of passengers on some planes while it orders additional life rafts needed in case of a water landing like the one made this month on the Hudson River by a US Airways jet.


Bush-Prison-Torture News

What Would a Chef for the Taliban Know?



A Guantanamo Bay prisoner who says he merely cooked meals for Taliban forces and never fired a shot in battle lost his petition to be released Wednesday after being held for more than seven years.






But Dick Cheney, you’ve got to give him credit. He’s enjoying his first week as a private citizen. In fact, today, he was out hunting human prey.- David Letterman


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Another 1000 was pledged through the US Mail -- AHNC has received 565, so far.


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Don't try this at home. Thailand's 'Scorpion Queen' Kanchana Kaetkaew, 38, poses with scorpions inside a glass room at the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in Pattaya, January 24, 2009. Kanchana set a new 33 day record for the longest stay with 5,000 live adult scorpions from December 22, 2008 to January 24, 2009.
Photo/Sukree Sukplang