January 29,  2004  Thursday

President struggling to shield his intelligence 'aces'
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 1-29-04
The awful part is that George Bush and Saddam Hussein were both staring into the same cracked spook-house mirror. Thanks to David Kay, the US's chief weapons-hunter, we now have an amazing image of the president and the dictator, both divorced from reality over weapons, glaring at each other from opposite sides of bizarre, paranoid universes where fiction trumped fact...

NH Exit Polls Show Warning for Bush
Newsday - 1-29-04
President Bush is paying heed not only to the criticism from his Democratic rivals but the dissatisfaction among independent voters who will play a crucial role in New Hampshire and other battleground states this November...

Scheer: Baghdad is Bush's blue dress
Dodge City Daily Globe, KS - 1-29-04

Now, can we talk of impeachment? The rueful admission by former chief U.S. weapons inspector David Kay that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction or ...

Asses of Evil is one of the bumper sticker submissions!  I love it!

President Monkey in a Man Suit phrase is from www.bartcop.com


Will Dubya dump Dick?

Asia Times 1-29-04

WASHINGTON - While Democratic rivals battle for the presidential nomination in a succession of grueling primary elections, Vice President Dick Cheney appears to be fighting to secure his spot on the Republican ticket behind President George W Bush....


"Oscar nominations came out today. Up for best actor, Sean Penn for 'Mystic River,' Jude Law for 'Cold Mountain,' and of course, George W. Bush for 'Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction." —Jay Leno



Cartoonist calls Condi Rice 'murderer' – again
WorldNetDaily - Jan 27, 2004
By Paul Sperry. Aaron McGruder, a black syndicated cartoonist who's
getting his own prime-time TV series on Fox, called National ...




Another fabulous bumper sticker submission.


The political forehead front
New York Daily News, NY - 1-29-04
... Kerry "absolutely" denied receiving Botox treatments, and added: "I've never
even heard it. Where did this come from? ... I've never even heard of it. ...





N.H. Among Few Using Paper in Vote Records

AP - Wed Jan 28, 6:19 PM ET

The technology troubles that could bedevil elections this year in California, Georgia, Florida and elsewhere were absent in New Hampshire this week. That's because it is among the few states that require a paper record for every ballot cast....



"Maybe people elsewhere trust machines more than they trust humans, but that would be totally out of the question here. I'm aghast that other places are considering touch-screen computers." -- New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, one of the longest-serving elections officials in the country. In 1995, New Hampshire passed a law requiring a paper record of every ballot cast, effectively banning touch-screen election computers that don't produce such receipts.





NASA: No Data Gleaned From Airline Lists

Yahoo News - Wed Jan 28, 7:30 PM ET

NASA took the utmost care to preserve the privacy of passengers listed on a database that Northwest Airlines gave to the government for analysis almost two years ago, the space agency's administrator said Wednesday.


"A Newsweek poll said if the election were held today, John Kerry would beat Bush 49 percent to 46 percent. And today, President Bush called Newsweek magazine a threat to world peace." —Jay Leno


Exxon Mobil Profit Rose on Energy Prices

Reuters - 1-29-04

Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM.N), the world's largest oil company, on Thursday said fourth-quarter profit rose on high energy prices.

ExxonMobil ordered to pay 6.75 billion dollars in Valdez spill

Gas prices are increasing all over America. No wonder Exxon made a big profit.

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Science News

Scientists Create New Form of Matter

Reuters - Wed Jan 28, 4:05 PM ET

Scientists said on Wednesday they had created a new form of matter and predicted it could help lead to the next generation of superconductors for use in electricity generation, more efficient trains and countless other applications..


Dry Drunk Confirmed?

O'Neill's Revelations and the Mind of Bush


How To Protect Yourself Against MyDoom




Pictured above is a 3D perspective of the first image released from Europe's Mars Express satellite -- a stunning computer reconstruction of part of the Valles Marineris region, a canyon nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Mars. In reality, Valles Marineris is four times longer and five times deeper than its Arizona counterpart. The above image shows a portion of Valles Marineris roughly 65 kilometers across, detailing many ridges and valleys. (G. Neukum/FU Berlin/DLR/ESA)