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Republicans say nation can't afford Dem policies

AP - 1-28-10

The nation cannot afford the spending Democrats have enacted or the tax increases they propose, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said Wednesday in the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

World stock markets gain after Obama address
AP – 1-28-10
LONDON – World stock markets recovered their poise Thursday after the U.S. Federal Reserve indicated that interest rates would not rise soon — even though the first cracks appeared on the central bank's rate-setting committee

Justice looks askance as Obama criticizes court
AP – Thu Jan 28, 12:38 am ET
WASHINGTON - The man in the House chamber openly disagreeing with President Barack Obama as he spoke to Congress wasn't an over-the-top Republican or a seething Democrat. He was a Supreme Court justice, Samuel Alito.

After the president spoke, the Republicans gave their rebuttal, during which they pointed out that Obama has repeatedly failed to solve any of the problems they created under President Bush.- Jimmy Kimmel



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


One problem with the health care bill was the GOP could say, "the bill has provisions to kill the elderly," and the Dems weren't sure if it did or not. - Will Durst


White House to Alito: Is Too


The White House says President Barack Obama was accurate when he took on a Supreme Court ruling in the State of the Union address, even though Justice Sam Alito mouthed, “Not true.”





Disturbing News


He Trained Would Be Spies?


One of four men arrested Tuesday for attempting to interfere with the telephones at the New Orleans office of Sen. Mary Landrieu previously helped run a U.S. intelligence-funded program to train would-be American spies, Declassified has learned.




The GOP smirkingly says that Democrats also benefit from the ruling on unlimited corporate spending which is a lot like a wolf saying that bunnies have teeth too. - Will Durst




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Will Sarah Palin's Tea Party dinner be a bust?

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips likely assumed that scoring a dinner speech by the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate would guarantee a huge turnout for his National Tea Party Convention, scheduled to start Feb. 4 at Nashville's Gaylord Opryland Hotel. But according to Tea Party insiders, the tickets for the Palin banquet aren't selling—and some conservative activists who have already paid to attend are now demanding refunds

Rock-The-Voter News


John and Elizabeth Edwards have legally separated. He got the house, cars and visitation rights with the kids. But she got him where it hurts: the blow dryer and the mirror.- Laugh Lines



MSNBC's Chris Matthews says President Barack Obama has done so much to heal racial divisions that he "forgot he was black" while watching his State of the Union address.



The FBI has a digital billboard in Times Square featuring mug shots of wanted criminals. Down in Washington they could just use a mirror.
- Will Durst



Biz-Tech News

Bush Man Was Scared


Henry Paulson was gripped by a "jolt of fear" and felt ill as the financial crisis threatened to plunge the U.S. economy into the abyss, the former Treasury secretary says in his new book.

In "On The Brink," Paulson gives a chronological account of the chaotic scramble to prevent an economic meltdown as Lehman Brothers and American International Group spun toward collapse in September 2008.


"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that California can save money by no longer incarcerating illegal immigrants and just sending them to Mexico instead. Well, actually, today, the immigrants had three words for Schwarzenegger - 'I'll be back.'" -Jay Leno


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"Wal-Mart announced it's cutting over 11,000 jobs. Wal-Mart said it's cheaper to fire people in bulk." -Jay Leno


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