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Bush confident warrantless wiretaps legal
Biloxi Sun Herald,  USA - 1-26-06
WASHINGTON - President Bush again defended his program of warrantless surveillance Thursday, saying "there's no doubt in my mind it is legal." He suggested ...


Cheney, Rumsfeld Could Testify in EU Probe
ABC News - 1-26-06
Portuguese Conservative Member of the European Parliament Carlos Coelho gestures while addressing Members of the European Parliament following his election as President of the European Parliament Committee on the alleged use of European countries by the..

In 2002, Justice Department said eavesdropping law working well
San Jose Mercury News,  USA -1-26-06
A July 2002 Justice Department statement to a Senate committee appears to contradict several key arguments that the Bush administration is making to defend its eavesdropping on U.S. citizens without court warrants.

This country is in a Bush induced coma. Please wake up people.

“Yesterday at a press conference President Bush admitted that he had not seen ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ However, he did express an interest in drilling for oil there.” -- David Letterman

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Protective Armor Update

Just 29 Army soldiers have sought reimbursement so far for body armor and other equipment they bought to protect themselves on the front lines

The scant number of requests are largely for updated ceramic body armor and total just $21,000, the Associated Press has learned. That is in contrast to Defense Department officials' predictions last year that the program could impose a financial burden on the military if people pressed for reimbursement for large amounts of protective gear.

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 "Yes, (Jack Abramoff attended) only two Hanukkah receptions (at the White House). But the bribes miraculously lasted for 8 whole days." --Jon Stewart

Disturbing News

Department of Vocabulary Adjustment

President Bush and his top national security advisers are trying to change the debate _ and even the vocabulary _ about the National Security Agency's controversial electronic monitoring program.

Don't call it domestic spying, they say. It's a terrorist surveillance program.

 "And yet we have brave men and women who are willing to step forward because they know what's at stake. They're willing to sacrifice their lives for this great country. What I'm asking all of you tonight is not to put on a uniform. Put on a bumper sticker. Is it that much to ask? Is it that much to ask to step up and serve your country?" --Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) (Watch video clip)

Republican Shenanigans

 With the Alito confirmation looming, contraception and coat hanger stock prices soar.—Grant Gerver

 Andy Borowitz: Naked Photos of Bush and Abramoff Rock White House

 The CIA has become faith based. They shoot a missile into a village and pray they hit a terrorist.—Zing!


Aloha Lisa!

I'd like to get some comment/feedback from you or any other so-inclined individual on the following:

* When reports from DHS reached situation room at WH(1:47am, 8/29/2005) in re Katrina anticipated devastation

what subsequently happened to those reports? Is there a situation room at the Crawford TX "ranch"? Was W in his bubble, cutting brush, or cycling? Who was so afraid of the

response that they never spoke up??


* Regarding $385M KBR contract for ICE: what th' Hell is a

"emergency influx of immigrants"? Would rereading "1984"

and/or "Brave New World" shed some light, I wonder?


* Since I'm plenty old enough to recall the periods referenced in the NSA article, the very paranoid "Cold War"

interval under Truman of 1952 gave birth to the super-secret (and secretive!) NSA; national paranoia certainly increased under Nixon, so enlarging its powers in 1970 was a natural. I also remember well Sen. Church's investigation -

who was  a Democrat, naturally. I offer the opinion that we

are overdue a similar investigation! Perhaps Sen. Reid can

be drafted to undertake such an effort?


What do you and the readers think? Mahalo.



Big Island, Hawai'i


Aloha Victoria!


So good to hear from you.  I'll try and answer your questions.


* Katrina

One thing we know for sure, Bush wasn't glued to the TV at his ranch in Texas.


 I remember those days well as I was hunkered down in a motel room in Ocala, FL (my Miami flight to Costa Rica was cancelled because Katrina just slammed South Florida--never went to Costa by the way) I was heading back to Tallahassee, where Katrina was predicted to originally make landfall, and was just waiting it out.  When Katrina turned to the west and was heading for New Orleans I was stuck in Ocala for days.  Tallahassee was out of gas from Katrina’s Gulf landfall and most stations on I75 were out of gas due to Katrina's south Florida landfall.

While I and millions of other Floridians were trying to recover from Katrina, our "coma"passionate president was delivering cowboy-speak from his ranch, attending John McCain's birthday party, etc---click here for a link from CBS news on August 29 2005.  


Bush needs to watch TV and see what the hell this country goes through, is what I think.


* "emergency influx of immigrants"

The Mexicans are coming! The Mexicans are coming! I say let in the Mexicans legally and expend our energy keeping the terrorists from crossing our VERY porous borders. Instead we are trying to keep out our good neighbors who are just looking for work. We are wasting our time and creating a monstrous market for smuggling people. The catch em and lock em in new detention centers article was chilling.  This GOP would use the Mexicans as Gammas, Deltas & Epsilons in their Grave New World.


Just think what would have happened if Katrina hit Mexico with the same devastation -- would Bush have opened his arms to Mexico’s evacuees?


*Spy vs Spy vs Spy...

The Democrats aren't in power in any branch of the govt AND they don't have a single voice. Reid is trying?  Click here

I wonder how the NSA felt about the outing of Valerie Plame?

I also wonder if the NSA, with all their spying prowess, knew about the fall of the USSR beforehand. The CIA found out watching CNN. Did the KGB know?

Our intelligence communities seem not to be able to see the forest through the trees.

And the rise in the militarization of our intelligence agencies is very bothersome to me.  The recent CIA drone bombing in Pakistan has sure opened an unwanted hornet's nest in a country that does possess “nooclur” weapons.


My prediction is -- If you live by the spy you die by the spy.


Thanks for writing. Double Mahalo.







Lack of….

 Rock-The-Voter News

“Oh -- there's a report in the paper today that Florida Governor Jeb Bush reads three newspapers a day. Actually, he reads them to his brother George.”-  Jay Leno

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 Hillary Update

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday took aim at President George W. Bush's secret domestic spying program, dismissing White House explanations for the warrantless wiretapping as "strange" and "far-fetched."

Clinton made her remarks as Bush defended what he calls the "terrorist surveillance program" in a speech at the Maryland headquarters of the super-secret National Security Agency, which has conducted the eavesdropping

Good News

Don't you get the eerie feeling the White House is praying for another terrorist attack? (You know they could make it happen.)—Grant Gerver

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Biz/Tech News



“No, what they're doing, they're asking the search engine Google to hand over a million porn sites that people have been -- they want to see who's going on the porn sites. But Google is refusing. See, I don't think Google should hand it over. You know something? Look, if the government wants to collect a million porn sites, what they should do, they should have to spend hours a day painstakingly searching the web like the rest of us have to do.”—Jay Leno

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US Mail: Lisa Casey - PO Box 88 - Ashford, AL 36312

Odd News


Actor Wills Morgan, who plays Montel, poses in this image released by Avalon, producers of the 'Jerry Springer The Opera', January 26, 2006. The national tour of the controversial musical that has triggered protests from Christian Groups in Britain, kicks off in the southern English town of Plymouth on Friday. Theatres are bracing for more demonstrations against the award-winning show, which religious lobby groups say is blasphemous. Photo by Avalon