January 26,  2004 Monday


Nearly all WMD claims wrong: Kay 

Sydney Morning Herald 1-27-04

The Central Intelligence Agency's outgoing chief weapons inspector, David Kay, has concluded that the US was almost certainly wrong in its pre-war belief that Iraq had any significant stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

Dr Kay, who headed the US search for WMDs after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime until he resigned on Friday...

The Nuclear Market: An Array of Vendors - Common Dreams
No WMD in Iraq before war, says Kay - Al-Jazeera
UN watchdog not surprised by Kay claims - Reuters

Ashcroft: War Justified Even Without WMD
Miami Herald, FL -1-26-04
... Ashcroft's comments came a day after David Kay, who resigned last week as America's top weapons inspector, pressed US intelligence agencies to explain why ...
White House: WMD Hunt Will Go On
CBS New York, NY - 1-26-04
... Last year, David Kay had confidently predicted weapons ... Senate Intelligence Committee, said he was surprised Kay ... eliminate weapons of mass destruction," ...

Bush can't hold his finger in the dike any longer.

"I don't think they exist." -- outgoing arms inspector David Kay explaining why he didn't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Cheney Is a Silent Partner No Longer

Iraqis Want Saddam's Old U.S. Friends on Trial
Tue January 20, 2004  By Michael Georgy
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - If Iraqis ever see Saddam Hussein on trial, they want his former American allies shackled beside him.


"Hemline" indicator says US economy going higher

FDA Warns Supplement May Be Infant Formula

Rep Tauzin Rejects Hollywood Lobbyist Offer

Texas Church Cards People Who Patronize Adult Stores

Mixed-Breed 'Doodle' Dogs Are All the Rage



Royal Canadian Mounted Police  raid a hair-raising tale
Toronto Star, Canada - Jan 24, 2004

….Last week, for example, a group of decorated CIA veterans demanded that Congress go after the administration for this "unprecedented and shameful event in American history (that) in our professional judgment, has damaged U.S. national security."

But President George W. Homeland Security has said, "I don't know if we're going to find out the senior administration official. I don't have any idea."

Why should he? U.S. newshounds have hardly been baying for his blood.

Don't get me wrong: Canadian journalists are not perfect. But, considering that any one of us could land in jail for doing our jobs, we sure have more guts than they do.

Unleash our press pack on Washington. See what we'd do…

I say Bring Em On!!!

Bill Clinton Quotations from Sunday 1-25-04

"They are giving me $87,000 in cut taxes from some middle-class guy's Social Security benefits and borrowed money. This is crazy." - President Bill Clinton, the last elected President

"I believe we cooperate when we can and act alone when we must. The other party believes we should act alone when we can and cooperate when we must."  President Bill Clinton, who can speak coherently

"People ask me what great new ideas did you bring to Washington. I say, `Arithmetic.'  You know, when practical people find themselves in a hole, they stop digging.''
President Bill Clinton, the last president to balance the budget

``At the time we were railing against the French, their soldiers were in Afghanistan [fighting with coalition forces], which is where Al Qaeda is, after all.'' President Bill Clinton, the last president to know who the enemy is.

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Even a Bush supporter was impressed. ''I just kept thinking of the president [Bush] up there and trying to talk like that,'' said registered Republican Tim McClellan, 48, of Pompano Beach. ``I just couldn't picture it. [Clinton] is a really articulate guy.''

Democratic Candidate News

Newsweek National Poll Puts Kerry Over Bush

Polls: Clark Has Slim Lead in Oklahoma

Dean: Iraqi Standard of Living Worse Now

Kucinich: Iraq Policy Will Lead to Draft

 "All religions have one thing in common. If you are more fortunate you should reach out to people who are less fortunate."
Wesley Clark

Is the press trying to "religionize" Dean?

See pictures below




That is the biggest dang halo I've ever seen!

Repugnant Republican News

Hardball tactics backfire on Boeing

Bush Seeks Medical Malpractice Award Caps

Cheney Dodges Question of U.S. As Empire

Bush stole the presidential election: Cherie
Press Trust of India
London, January 24

In a forthright view that is likely to embarrass her husband, Cherrie Blair, wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair, is reported to have observed that George W Bush "stole" the US presidential election from Al Gore.

"Cherie Blair still believed that Bush had stolen the White House from Gore," author Philip Stephens wrote in his book Tony Blair: The Making of a World Leader...


Subject: Use picture for Science-website

Dear Lisa Casey,

We would like to ask your permission to use one of the great pictures from your website on our own site. It is the image of a palestinian scarf with a jewish kippa on top. We are a non commercial broadcasting organisation in the Netherlands, with a weekly radio broadcast on science news. On our website we give extra information about our programs. This week we will interview the founder and director of the Center for Research on Peace Education in Haifa (Israel) about ways of changing the animosity on both sides. We think the picture beautifully illustrates this subject. Hopefully we can use the picture free of charge, because we do not have a budget for license fees, and would have to look for an alternative otherwise. If using the picture is a problem, please let me know.

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,
Jair Stein I VPRO Noorderlicht Radio

Dear Jair Stein,

I would be honored to have you use my graphic. The graphic depicts, for me, the only way to find peace in the Middle East. Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

I wish you and yours well.


Amazing coincidences Nixon and Bush

A Must See!




Columbia Glacier, Alaska