Thursday edition - January 22, 2009




Obama gives military's interrogation rules to CIA
CNN - 1-23-09
After abuse during detention and interrogation operations in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and accusations of abuse at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay...


Obama retakes oath to err on side of law
San Francisco Chronicle - 1-22-09
 Washington - -- President Barack Obama took the advice of constitutional lawyers and retook the oath of office Wednesday that Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed the first time around

Clinton shines on first day as secretary of state
Newsday, NY - 1-23-09
WASHINGTON - On her first day as secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday did what she does best: She used

"And there was a stumbling during the reading of the oath, when the chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, forgot the words for a second and then he got them in the wrong order. See, how typical is that? Barack, just a second before he takes over, the Republicans get one last screw up in there." --Jay Leno

Transcript Reveals GEORGE W. BUSH Took the Wrong Oath of Office


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush


More Pakistani Deaths From US Missiles


Missiles fired from a suspected U.S. spy plane killed 10 people Friday in Pakistan just east of the Afghan border, security officials said, the first such strike since the inauguration of President Barrack Obama.



"Two million people attended the inauguration, compared to less than 500,000 when Bush was inaugurated four years ago. But that makes sense because four years ago, you know, people had jobs to go to." --Jay Leno



Disturbing News


"I hope he fails." - Rush Limbaugh showing his jealously of Obama


A cowboy departs, but his shadow lingers  

With his head held high and a self-proclaimed sense of accomplishment, former President Bush has ridden off into the Texas sunset – presumably on his mountain bike, because this particular cowboy wasn’t famous for his equestrian ability.

Rather, he was known for riding roughshod over military intelligence, international diplomacy and the Constitutional rights of his fellow citizens.

In a perverse sort of way, All Hat No Cattle will miss Dubya. Like Dr. Frankenstein did his monster; like the Inquisition did its witches and heretics.

But there still are plenty of political targets out there – both of the right-wing whacko variety as well as the clownishly corrupt Democratic sort. An image of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich in his jogging suit leaps to mind. AHNC just hopes to be around for eight more years to do them all the satirical justice they deserve (see our plea for support elsewhere in this weekend’s edition).

The fallout from the Bush II era should last for years, depending on the willingness of whistleblowers to keep coming forward and of the Congress to investigate their charges. Not to mention the swirling flush of the U.S. and global economy that Bush and his ilk triggered.

Even if Bush were to somehow magically disappear from the public psyche, the far right will continue to deserve attention and lampooning. Witness the near meltdown in recent weeks of the Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Cavuto and Scarborough types as they see the demise of their little neo-con world. And they’re just media talking heads.

The arch-conservative political leadership and electorate will be striking out at the new Democratic administration and progressive causes in general like female grizzly bears protecting their young. Does anybody seriously believe that we have heard the last of hockey mom Sarah Palin? Does anyone think that the anti-abortion, anti-stem cell research, anti-evolution and pro-assault weapons crowd will ever submit to popular opinion or majority rule?

And as for Democrats, is there any possibility that they ever will get their act together in order to rule effectively and honestly? After watching the appointment process follies for the new U.S. Senators from Illinois and New York during recent weeks, that seems unlikely.

So here’s to another great eight years of political slapstick. AHNC would like to be around for the laughs. 


Pro-Choice Win


 President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that promote or perform abortions, officials told The Associated Press on Friday.


Republican-Shenanigans News


The new season of “Lost” kicked off tonight. If you haven’t seen it, “Lost” is about a group of desperate people out of touch with the world. It’s based on the true story of the Republican Party.- Craig Ferguson



Alabama Pumps Up Athletes


A federal grand jury has indicted three owners of a Mobile-based pharmacy, four pharmacists and five others in a $4 million steroid distribution scheme that allegedly operated in at least 10 states, according to court documents unsealed Thursday.

Rock-The-Voter News

The Technology Bush Left


If the Obama campaign represented a sleek, new iPhone kind of future, the first day of the Obama administration looked more like the rotary-dial past. ..."It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari," Obama spokesman Bill Burton said of his new digs.



Last night, while their parents were at the inaugural balls, Sasha and Malia Obama, the kids, had their own little party at the White House. They held a scavenger hunt for them and some other kids. And this is the best thing. At the end of the scavenger hunt, they opened door and in a closet waiting for them were the Jonas Brothers. True. I guess they did the same thing with the Bush twins back in 2000, only it was Motley Crue with a tray of Jell-O shots in the closet.- Jimmy Kimmel

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Biz-Tech News

 Let Them Eat Cake


John Thain, the former Merrill Lynch & Co. chief executive officer ousted yesterday, spent $1.2 million redecorating his downtown Manhattan office last year as the company was firing employees...




"The total cost of the inauguration was $170 million. They say this is the most of the expensive celebration since that last AIG retreat on our bailout money." --Jay Leno


Bush-Prison-Torture News



So Sad


The grandfather of slain Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony was admitted to Halifax Health Medical Center in stable condition this morning after being found in Daytona Beach hotel after he was reported missing by his family. He was hospitalized because of concerns he was suicidal, police said.


Go-F**k-Yourself News




"Barack Obama said his first act as president will be to pardon Aretha Franklin's hat." --Jay Leno


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Odd News




In this image released by Warner Bros. Television, host Ellen DeGeneres wears a hat similar to the one Aretha Franklin wore as she performed during the swearing-in ceremony at the inauguration for President Barack Obama, during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2008, in Burbank, Calif. The program aired on Wednesday, Jan. 21.
Photo/The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Michael Rozman




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