Tuesday edition - January 23, 2007





Democrats Frame State of Union Response
ABC News - 1-23-07
Emboldened congressional Democrats are doing their best to drown out President Bush's State of the Union speech with two ...


Democratic Va. Sen. Webb: rebuilding NO 'national priority'
KATC, LA - 1-23-07
NEW ORLEANS -- Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, set to deliver the Democrats' rebuttal to Tuesday's State of the Union address, said rebuilding New Orleans is "a ...

FBI chided for Foley inaction
Miami Herald, FL - 1-23-07
BY LESLEY CLARK. WASHINGTON - The FBI -- which warns parents on its website about ''individuals who attempt to sexually exploit children'' via the Internet ...


I wonder which role Bush will assume for tonight's state of the union address -- John Wayne or Gomer Pyle?


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"During an interview with '60 Minutes' on Sunday, President Bush defended the invasion of Iraq, saying, 'We liberated that country from a tyrant. I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude.' Said the Iraqi people, 'We've been meaning to send a card, but our Hallmark store keeps blowing up.'" --Amy Poehler






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



Bush Liberry Update


The University of Dallas withdrew its bid for George W. Bush's presidential library Monday, citing the library site selection committee's exclusive talks with nearby Southern Methodist University.


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Disturbing News



President Bush said Friday he will discuss energy efficiency in his State of the Union address. His record is good. Before he invaded Iraq they were using electricity twenty-four hours a day, and under his leadership they reduced it to six hours a day.

- Argus Hamilton, comedian






By Don Davis



Republican Shenanigans


"Muslim American groups are angry over the way Muslims are portrayed on the new season of the Fox drama '24.' A spokesman for Fox said, 'If Muslims are upset about that, they should see how they are portrayed on Fox News.'" --Conan O'Brien


Rock-The-Voter News


Scientific blowhards cited as main cause of Global Warming. - Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com




The Presidential IQ Report

WASHINGTON --In a published report, the Lovenstein Institute of Scranton, Pennsylvania has detailed findings of a four month study of the intelligence quotient of President George W. Bush. Since 1973, the Lovenstein Institute has published its research to the education community on each new president, which includes the famous "IQ" report among others.


Biz-Tech News



Bush-Prison-Torture News




"In the Scooter Libby trial, the defense is looking for people for the jury who trust Dick Cheney. Unfortunately, most of the people who trust Dick Cheney have also been indicted." --Jay Leno


Go-F***-Yourself News



Clara Harris was ordered by a Houston jury Friday to pay nearly four million dollars for running over her cheating husband in the driveway five years ago. Those were the days. Today gasoline is so expensive that women in Houston who want to run over their cheating husbands in the driveway have to carpool.- Argus Hamilton, comedian



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Odd News




A bluebottle jellyfish lies on an east coast Australian beach after being blown ashore in this undated handout photograph. At least 30,000 swimmers have been stung by the jellyfish called 'blueys' on the country's east coast in 2006, double the number of the previous year. Photo/Belinda Curley/AUSTRALIA