Monday edition - January 23, 2006


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Lawmakers rebuff Rove over executive authority
Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH - 1-23-06
Washington - Several lawmakers said Sunday they will press President Bush to justify his decision to allow domestic eavesdropping, rebuffing GOP suggestions their criticism of broad executive authority puts the nation at risk.

Iran Sanctions Could Drive Oil Past $100
Forbes - 1-22-06
A surge in oil prices last week to almost $70 a barrel on concerns about the restart of Iran's nuclear program only hints at what may lie ahead. Prices could soar past $100 a barrel, experts say, if the U.N. Security Council authorizes trade sanctions against the Middle Eastern nation

Former Abu Ghraib Guard Calls Top Brass Culpable for Abuse
Washington Post, United States – 1-23-06
Stepping into the Abu Ghraib prison for the first time, Megan Ambuhl was stunned. There were naked men in dusty cells, male prisoners wearing women's underwear, others hooded and shackled in contorted positions to metal railings

I should have titled today's toon - For Whom The Bell Cracks but I felt that Bush & the GOP have really lowered the standards for just about everything in D.C.

GOP Accomplishments

I'm so grateful when Republicans go way back to Chappaquiddick to find Democratic misdeeds. For Republican misdeeds you only have to go to yesterday! – Zing!


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

 Al Jazeera has released an audiotape from Osama Bin Laden. State Department officials say it shows he's aware of world events. The tapes open up congratulating Brad and Angelina on their baby.—Jay Leno

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Let Them Drink Dirty Water

Troops and civilians at a U.S. military base in Iraq were exposed to contaminated water last year and employees for the responsible contractor, Halliburton, couldn't get their company to inform camp residents, according to interviews and internal company documents.

“According to a study at the University of Colorado, researchers say morning grogginess can give you a feeling of being legally drunk and unable to think straight. They say this condition can last anywhere from a few minutes in some people to as long as two entire terms in office.”—Jay Leno

Disturbing News

Karl Rove Campaign Stategy: Scare the Bejezus Out of Voters. Again.

White House Adviser Karl Rove Says GOP Will Use Terror As Campaign Issue.

Republican Shenanigans

Kissing Each Other's Chads

At the state GOP's quarterly meeting, Gov. Jeb Bush said he would campaign for [Katherine] Harris and encouraged a crowded room of Republican activists to do the same.

Rock-The-Voter News

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Do The Troops Have Enough Body Armor Or Not?

            Q      General, Jamie McIntyre from CNN.  Can you say categorically that all the troops under your command have all the body armor that they need to complete their mission?  And are you sensing any reluctance among some troops to wear large amounts of body armor because it hampers their mobility?

            GEN. TURNER:  No, not at all.  We do have the best body armor available, and our troops are wearing it.  And we have confirmed that we have gotten the latest update for body armor.

                All the troops under your command have all the body armor they need?

           GEN. TURNER:  That's correct.

If Our Troops Have Enough Body Armor Then Just Who Is Getting This Emergency Armor?

Good News

"According to a Finnish medical study, if you have a bad or incompetent boss, it increases your risk of a heart attack by 30%. More bad news for Dick Cheney." --Jay Leno

Go Google Yourself, Your Cheating Spouse...

Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and Inc. have begun offering photographic search results so detailed a user can make out whether their neighbor's hedge was trimmed perfectly at the time the image was taken, or what car was parked in front of a favorite local restaurant

Biz/Tech News

 Google's reputation at stake in fight with government USA Today

Thank Google

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Mountain View CA 94043
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Here A Spy, There A Spy, Everywhere A Spy

British officials say they are "concerned and surprised" at allegations by a Russian state TV program that UK diplomats used a transmitter embedded in a fake rock as part of a high-tech spying operation in Moscow, news agencies report.

As with Ken Lay, the President and his neocon cadre have barely even heard of Jack Abramoff. —Grant Gerver

Bush-Prison-Torture News

George Bush would die to only have to worry about Monica under his desk. —Grant Gerver

Go-F***-Yourself News

There are now reports that anti-impotence drugs like Cialis and Viagra can cause eye damage and even blindness. Or as most guys would say, 'A small price to pay.' – Jay Leno

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US Mail:  Lisa Casey - PO BOX 88 - Ashford, AL 36312

Odd News


A combination of TV grabs from Russian television RTR Channel shows what it said was a transmitter in an imitation rock which British diplomats used for spying on a Moscow street. Russia's intelligence services accused British embassy officials on Monday, January 23, 2006, of spying in Moscow after state television said British diplomats had used a fake rock to try to secure state secrets. Footage taken in autumn 2005. Photo by RTR Television.