January 23,  2003 TGIF

Nigerian corruption trail leads to US, Paris
Mail & Guardian (subscription), South Africa - 1-23-04
... In Paris, a French judge has reportedly warned that United States Vice-President Dick Cheney could be charged over allegations that his former company, Halliburton, paid $180-million in bribes to build a Nigerian gas plant. Halliburton has called the accusations untrue, and Cheney's spokespersons have refused to comment on the case...
       French Judge Probes Unit of Halliburton - Washington Post
Cheney claims al Qaeda link to Hussein
San Francisco Chronicle, CA 1-23-04
... of semi-trailers at this point which we believe were in fact part of (a WMD ... Cheney is seen as among the most ardent hawks in the Bush administration and the one ...
Dems question Cheney, Scalia ties in letter to Rehnquist
USA Today - 1-23-04
Scalia went on a hunting trip to Louisiana with Dick Cheney, a longtime friend, shortly after the court agreed to review a lower court's decision that required ...

Do I hear the sweet sound of handcuffs closing?

Drip, drip, drip...

Ex-CIA officials, pols want wider leak probe
Chicago Sun Times, IL 1-23-04

WASHINGTON -- Members of Congress and 10 ex-CIA officials are seeking a broader inquiry into the leak of an undercover officer's name, aiming to determine if...

Senator Shelby a target of leak probe?
AL.com, AL – 1-23-04...

reported that Shelby's former press secretary, Andrea Andrews, had testified before a grand jury. The investigation stems from a 2002 Cable News Network story that intelligence officials had intercepted two messages the day before the attacks signaling that something was to happen the next day, according to the Post. The Arabic messages were not translated until Sept. 12….

Graphic by Oz

"In last year’s State of The Union, Bush said there was no doubt that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Last night, Bush said they had 'weapons of mass destruction related program activities.' What’s he going to say next year - Iraq had weaponish thing-a-ma-jig whatcha-ma-callits." —Jay Leno

Strickland joins suit against DVA
Ironton Tribune, OH - 1-23-04

As far as U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland (D-6th) is concerned, the Department of Veterans' Affairs has failed to take care of many of the soldiers who have defended America.

The Congressman joined the Vietnam Veterans of America Thursday in filing a lawsuit against the VA for failing to meet its congressionally mandated outreach efforts. ...


I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.
George Carlin

Graphic by Oz

"President Bush said that our kids must be taught how to read. He said if his aides never learned to read, they'd never be able to tell him what's in the newspapers every day." —Jay Leno


First Christian-themed nudist resort to open in Florida

Fumes from pot storage room force Israeli cops to clear out of their offices

Tennis distractions in Baghdad: Bad bounces, explosions and helicopters e.

Bush favors ribs over replies

EBAY Page auctioning Wesley Clark's argyle sweater 

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The New Educational Eugenics in George Bush's State of the Union
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
by Greg Palast

Go ahead, George, and lie to me. Lie to my dog. Lie to my sister. But
don't you ever lie to my kids.

Deep into your State of the Siege lecture last night, long after sensible adults had turned off the tube or kicked in the screen, you came after our children. "By passing the No Child Left Behind Act," you said, "We are regularly testing every child ... and making sure they have better options when schools are not performing."..

Paper: Prosecutors decline Rush Limbaugh's plea offer
Miami Herald, FL – 1-23-04
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Rush Limbaugh's attorney suggested a deal that would have
seen the conservative radio commentator enter drug rehabilitation rather than ...

The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They're about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover.
Al Franken, "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them", 2003

State of the Union:
Karl Rove Prepares Another Batch of Lies Speech for the President

Shemp Hannity gladly obliges!


"My only concern was to get home after a hard day's work."
-- Rosa Parks

Today in History  January 22

0638 Start of Islamic calendar

1492 "Pentateuch" (Jewish holy book) 1st printed

1571 Queen Elizabeth I opens Royal Exchange in London

1789 Georgetown, 1st US Catholic college, founded

1812 7.8 earthquake shakes New Madrid, Missouri

1870 173 Blackfoot Indians (140 women & children) killed in Montana by US Army

1946 Rear Admiral Sidney W Souers, USNR, becomes 1st director of CIA

1950 Israeli Knesset resolves that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel

1961 Supreme Court rules cities & states have right to censor films

1964 24th Amendment ratified, barring poll tax in federal elections

1968 Spy ship USS Pueblo & 83-man crew seized in Sea of Japan by N Korea

1973 President Nixon announces an accord has been reach to end the Vietnam War

1998 Pope John Paul II condemns US embargo against Cuba

If God dropped acid, would he see people?
Steven Wright

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Top Ten Ways I, Howard Dean, Can Turn Things Around

10. "Switch to decaf"

9. "Unveil new slogan: 'Vote for Dean and get one dollar off you next purchase at Blimpie'"

8. "Marry Rachel on final episode of 'Friends'"

7. "Don't change a thing -- it's going great"

6. "Show a little more skin"

5. "Go on 'American Idol' and give 'em a taste of these pipes"

4. "Start working out and speaking with Austrian accent"

3. "I can't give specifics yet, but it involves Ted Danson"

2. "Fire the staffer who suggested we do this lousy Top Ten list instead of actually campaigning"

1. "Oh, I don't know -- maybe fewer crazy, redfaced rants"


Mars Orbiter Confirms Evidence of Water
ABC News – 1-23-04

... Of course, finding anything that has to do with water on Mars is a sort of
holy grail. This is certainly better than anything we've had so far.". ...

Mars Rover Resumes Sending Data Back to Earth
Reuters, UK -1-23-04
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Mars rover Spirit resumed sending some data to Earth
on Friday, allaying some fears it had failed after two days of garbled ...


“Now we even have women over there in danger,
doing their part in this tradition
of going to War when our nation calls
us to do so. As you go to bed tonight, remember this shot. A short lull,
a little shade and a picture of loved ones in their helmets.” –
in an email and photo essay sent to me

Gas is $1.60 a gallon in my neck of the woods. Aren't we occupying Iraq ?



This wider view of Uranus reveals the planet's faint rings and several of its satellites. The area outside Uranus was enhanced in brightness to reveal the faint rings and satellites. The bright satellite on the upper left corner is Ariel, which has a snowy white surface. Five small satellites with dark surfaces can be seen just outside the rings. (NASA/Hubble?HO)