January 22,  2004  Thursday

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Zogby Poll

Zogby Polls 1-22-04

Date Bush % Any Democrat %
January 15-18, 2004



Nearly two in five (41%) would vote for Bush, while 45% would opt to support an unnamed Democrat over Bush. In December polling, Bush held a slight edge over a generic Democrat. Nearly one in eight are unsure or prefer another choice....


2 GI's Killed as Security Is Seen as Obstacle to Iraq Vote
New York Times - 1-22-04
... The American military said today that two American soldiers were killed on Wednesday night and one was wounded in a mortar and rocket attack near Baquba...
Lawyer Criticizes Rules for Tribunals
Trials Won't Be Fair, Military Attorney Says

By John Mintz Washington Post January 22, 2004
A military defense lawyer for an Australian detainee expected to be the first man tried before a military tribunal denounced President Bush's rules for the special courts yesterday, saying they are skewed against defendants and could result in proceedings that resemble political trials in authoritarian Third World countries

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Lisa, you've got to do something with this. Ray

Thanks Ray.  I did , see below.  The cartoon bubble is an actual quote from W.  Disturbing article.

Bush prefers our pretty boy to his pretty boy

Globe and Mail - Canada By JANE TABER
Friday, January 16, 2004 - Page A1

OTTAWA -- This is the tale of the two Scotts -- one American, the other Canadian. One is dark-haired, the other blond. Both are 35 and both work for the most powerful men in their respective countries....


"President Bush gave his State of the Union speech. I think he is getting a little cocky. Instead of playing Hail to the Chief, he was lowered to the podium to 'We are the Champions.'" —Craig Kilborn

Hi Lisa,
Do you think anyone will be able to focus the media on the real
issues? I have this feeling that no matter who is the dem candidate,
the bush press will "Gore" him or her. Every paper tiger seems more
transparent, yet is reported with a straight face.

Exactly Steve. Instead of the media dissecting the Patriot Act, it is covering anti-gay marriage, Scott Peterson, Martha Stewart and relentless Dean and Clark's sweater bashing. America is in dire need of serious news coverage instead of the Fleet Street sensationalism we are being spoon-fed. 

CBS should run the video of Dan Rather interviewing George Bush, the father, when he was running for president.  Bush screamed at Rather with that mean slash of a mouth.  Papa Bush made the Dean Pump-em-up speech look innocuous.

Thanks for the great cartoon below.


The link below is a disturbing video of our soldiers doing their duty. Not for the squeamish.

It is about 4 mb. Takes a moment to load.

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"Earlier tonight, all of the television networks covered President Bush's annual State of the Union address. It was a real crowd pleaser; Bush promised 16 new contracts to Halliburton." —David Letterman

I got a real belly laugh from this link. Warning: there is music. 

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Graphic by Chipshodt

California History
Do you know what happened back in 1850?

- California became a state.
- The state had no electricity.
- The state had no money.
- Almost everyone spoke Spanish.
- There were gunfights in the streets.

So, basically, it was just like California today - only the women had real breasts.



Enron's Causey Surrenders to Authorities, Faces Charges
Washington Post - 1-22-04
... Richard A. Causey, 44, was indicted on five counts of securities fraud
and one count of conspiracy. He faces up to 55 years in prison ...

Richard Causey doing a perp walk.

Gee, do you think Ken Lay is next? Or does he need more time to hide all of his money?

Subject: Jobs

"I don't care if these Mexicans are going to live 20 or 30 in a house,
because it's not my daughter who's going to look across the back fence
and see them urinating in their yard. No, I'm happy to get a guy who can
mow the lawn for $2 an hour and that's all I care about. "-
Charles Taylor on Scarborough Country MSNBC

The problem here is white collar, college trained, jobs are being shipped to India and Manufacturing jobs to China because labor is cheaper there. So now Bush wants to bring in Ill-legals who work for half the price for jobs that can't be shipped overseas. Del Webb uses Mexican construction workers to build Sun Citys at a much lower price than hiring legal workers here. This goes for most building trades. It's not we don't want the jobs, what we want is to be paid a living wage for what we do. At the rate things are going, we will be living 30 to a house just to survive and peeing in the back yard because we can't afford to have the plumbing fixed.
Beverly in Sacramento

Thanks for writing Beverly.  I feel Bush the son is ignoring this huge loss of jobs as his father ignored the recession and went to Japan begging for jobs and ended up vomiting on the Prime Minister of Japan. Gotta love them Bushes!


Here, CNN's Miles O'Brien informs America that it is patriotic and proper for George W. Bush, unelected occupant of the White House, to turn the State of the Union speech into a blatantly partisan and political campaign commercial - but it is improper and unpatriotic for Democrats to respond with partisan and political facial expressions and head movements to said speech.

MILES O'BRIEN:  You know, the look of Ted Kennedy...as he just kind of...first of all, whatever your politics, is that respectful of the State of the Union Address to do that?...

From the absolutely wonderful   www.mediawhoresonline.com

Republican Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Infiltration of files seen as extensive
Senate panel's GOP staff pried on Democrats

By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff, 1/22/2004

WASHINGTON -- Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe.

From the spring of 2002 until at least April 2003, members of the GOP committee staff exploited a computer glitch that allowed them to access restricted Democratic communications without a password. Trolling through hundreds of memos, they were able to read talking points and accounts of private meetings discussing which judicial nominees Democrats would fight -- and with what tactics....

CIA officers warn of Iraq civil war, contradicting Bush's  Optimism 
Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau, CA - 1-21-04
WASHINGTON - CIA officers in Iraq are warning that the country may be on a path
to civil war, current and former US officials said Wednesday, starkly ...

Graphic by Oz



Breathtaking photo of the moon from a plane sent in by Tom S.  Scroll down.