January 20  2003

Confederate Groups Protest Flag Removals (AP)
Confederate groups and others gathered at the governor's mansion Saturday to protest the removal of Confederate flags from state historic sites.
- Jan 19 6:18 AM ET

Hundreds of Georgians demand referendum on bringing back flag with Confederate emblem (AP)
Hundreds of supporters of Georgia's old flag with its big Confederate emblem marched to the state Capitol on Tuesday to demand that the new governor and Legislature hold a statewide vote on bringing the banner back.
- Jan 14 3:45 PM ET

Two Confederate Flags Pulled Down in Mo. (AP)
State officials took down Confederate flags at two historic sites Tuesday after Democratic presidential hopeful Dick Gephardt said they shouldn't be flown anywhere.
- Jan 14 7:20 PM ET

Moseley-Braun encouraged to run for White House (Black Voices)
... Moseley-Braun also is remembered for delivering an impassioned speech on the Senate floor about the Confederate flag only seven months into her term....
- Jan 17 10:56 AM ET