January 19,  2004 Monday

Congress faces difficult task with agenda
Oakland Tribune, CA - 1-19-04
... harden their resistance to the president's more conservative judicial nominees after Bush's recess appointment of Mississippi federal judge Charles Pickering ...
Mfume denounces Bush as 'cowardly' on civil rights
Chicago Sun Times, IL - Jan 18, 2004
...Mfume, formerly a congressman from Baltimore, also blasted the timing of the Pickering appointment. It came a day after Bush laid a wreath at King's crypt in Atlanta -- a move that drew a chorus of boos from protesters there....
National Organization for Women 'Outraged by Bush's Underhanded ...
U.S. Newswire (press release), DC - Jan 16, 2004
... is outraged by George W. Bush's installation of Charles Pickering on the federal appeals court while Congress is in recess," said NOW President Kim Gandy. ...

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Poll Bolsters Bush on Terrorism but Finds Doubts on Economy
New York Times Published: January 18, 2004
...For all of Mr. Bush's strengths, the poll shows the potential for a competitive election. When asked whether Mr. Bush had done more to unite the country or divide it, the public was split — 43 percent said he had brought Americans together, 44 percent said he had divided them.
When given a choice between an unnamed Democrat and Mr. Bush, 43 percent of the registered voters polled said they would vote for Mr. Bush, while 45 percent said they would vote for the Democrat.

Subject: Water drop pix


Do I see a "skull" (Rorschach) directly below the drop of water in the picture from 1/16/04?


I saw it too Barney. I wonder what a psychiatrist would say?


Microsoft takes on teen's site MikeRoweSoft.com
CNN - 1-19-04
... 17-year-old high school senior and Web designer from Victoria, has angered the software
giant by registering an Internet site with the address www.MikeRoweSoft ...

If you type MikeRoweSoft in the Google search engine you are asked if you meant Microsoft...hahaha

"That's right, a peacenik is voting for a general. What a country!" -Filmmaker Michael Moore commenting on his support for General Wesley Clark

"It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important." -Martin Luther King Jr.

 Gunning for Gun

A Single Conscience V. the State
New York Times - 1-16-04
Katharine Gun has a much better grasp of the true spirit of democracy than Tony Blair. So, naturally, it's Katharine Gun who's being punished. ...
       Old Bailey Date Set for GCHQ 'Leak' Hearing - Edinburgh Evening News
       US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower - Guardian
       For justice's sake - Guardian

Ok, Joseph Wilson's wife was outted because he told the truth--David Kelly is dead in a mysterious suicide because he told the truth--and now Katharine Gun tells the truth--anybody in the mainstream media connecting these dots?

Uncle Bam - The Evil Twin of Uncle Sam

A little look at mooning America



"Whenever I have a five dollar bill, I draw a speech balloon for
Lincoln with the caption that reads, "The GOP is no longer my party""
- Scoobie Davis. Source: http://scoobiedavis.blogspot.com/ .

I love your site.


Thanks for the great quote/idea. And I love you for visiting my site!


Bully nation
Philippines Daily News, Philippines - Jan 17, 2004

THE US government's harassment of the 30 Filipino telecommunications executives attending an industry convention in Hawaii last Sunday may have come as a shock, but the brazen squeeze play was no surprise.

It fits into a pattern that has marked US President George W. Bush's three years in power. Like others who have crossed paths and purposes with the second Bush administration, we recognize the incident for what it is: the heavy hand of the neighborhood bully....

“And the only basic issue... is whether our government will fall in a conservative rut and die there, or whether we will move ahead in the liberal spirit of daring, of breaking new ground...."

John F. Kennedy -- September 1960

Democracy is a liberal concept. Much of what makes America great has been driven by progressive liberalism. Whether you claim to be liberal, moderate, or conservative, personal politics should depend on the specifics of the issue, not partisan ideology.

It is interesting to me how, since Richard Nixon first rolled out his “southern strategy,” the historical definitions of liberal and conservative have been distorted for political purposes. Conservatives during the Revolutionary War wanted us to stay subservient to the British crown. We ran them out of the country or hung them. Civil War Conservatives thought slavery was fine and destroying the nation just dandy. Their leaders were indicted as traitors. Texas historian Michael Lind observes that today’s Republican Party, particularly in the conservative South, is no longer the party of Lincoln but has become the party of Jefferson Davis.

Besides the historical missteps noted above, Conservatives, in more recent times, have vigorously opposed such things as fair wages, equal rights, Social Security, Medicare, safe work places, and protection of nature and the environment. Some conservative politicians and pundits continue to refer to Social Security and Medicare as the Welfare State.

If you are paid a living wage, have a safe work place, have access to health benefits; if your children go to public school; if the air you breath and the water you drink is not poison; and if you or your parents are eligible for Social Security and Medicare, you have Liberals and Moderates to thank. If you live next to a poisonous landfill and see little hope of escape, or recently had your Canadian drug lifeline cut off and got saddled by Congress with a Medicare-killing embarrassment of a prescription drug plan, you can thank some not-so-compassionate Conservatives.

Andrew B.

And Bush wants to go to the moon and Mars while destroying America on earth. Thanks for your eloquent letter.

From: gjazspam@yahoo.com

Subject: Palestinians

Hi Lisa,

You posted this on your site with a photo of a

A regular day at the checkpoints of the West Bank -
the sick, the elderly, parents, children, teachers,
merchants, truckers. Go home, you can't cross, go to
bed, come back tomorrow...

Come back tomorrow with what? A homicide bomber?

You finally posted some truth on your site. Showing
sympathy to people with more innocent blood on their
hands than Bush means you really don't care if people

If you are for peace and against war then I am the
Dali Lama with a Glock.

Peace, my ass!

You assumed wrongly that was a picture of a terrorist--it was a picture of a frightened Palestinian woman.

Homicide bombers don't kill themselves---suicide bombers do---use correct terminology. Not FoxSpeak.

I feel both Israelis and Palestinians are wrong killing one another and have stated that on my site many times.  The Israelis are doing exactly what the British did to the Irish for almost 800 years--until the Irish formed the IRA and began killing back.  In case you don't understand, anyone under the thumb will eventually strike back or leave--that is why this country was founded, by fleeing the religious oppression of England.  The Brits used to hold Catholic priest hunts in case you didn't know. The Ancient Order of Hibernians fought the ravaging armies of Queen Elizabeth I of England, which specialized in hunting priests, and defied her plans from 1560 to 1603 to exterminate the Irish Catholic by use of the dungeon, sword and fire.

So get a grip and look at the facts of history and not the distortions of FoxNews, Rush and Bush.

Thanks for writing as your words prove my point about the ignorant right.

I carry a snub nose 38, a Glock is too big for my purse.

Dalai Lama Lisa

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."
Martin Luther King Jr.

Israeli Ambassador attacks Swedish artwork
ABC Online, Australia - 1-19-04
... When the Israeli ambassador came to the opening of the whole program he went furious and declared that this installation should be stopped, it should be cancelled, it should be thrown out of the museum and after a while he started to destroy the installation.
 ... the artist himself, who is an Israeli born artist, nor I interpreted this particular work as being anti-Semitic. It was a very strong statement about the futility of violence...


Iraqi Shi'ites Rally Again for Early Elections
Voice of America - 1-19-04

Tens of thousands of Iraq's Shi'ite Muslims rallied peacefully in Baghdad in support of early elections. Huge crowds of demonstrators marched to Baghdad's Mustan-sariyah University - waving flags and banners, chanting slogans like,

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Your Church May Be A Rightwing Redneck Church If....

The finance committee refuses to provide funds for the purchase of a
chandelier because none of the members knows how to play one.

People ask (when they learn that Jesus fed the 5000) whether the two
fish were bass or catfish, and what bait was used to catch 'em.

When the pastor says, "I'd like to ask Bubba to help take up the
offering," five guys and two women stand up.

Opening day of deer season is recognized as an official church holiday.

A member of the church requests to be buried in his 4-wheel-drive
truck because "It ain't never been in a hole it couldn't get out of."

The choir is known as the "OK Chorale".

"Boone's Farm "Tickle Pink" is the favorite wine for communion.

In a congregation of 500 members, there are only seven last names in
the church directory.

Baptism is referred to as "branding."

There is a special fundraiser for a new church septic tank.

Finding and returning lost sheep isn't just a parable.

High notes on the organ set the dogs on the floor to howling.

People think "rapture" is what you get when you lift something too

The baptismal font is a #2 galvanized washtub.

The choir robes were donated by and embroidered with the logo from

The collection plates are really hubcaps from a '56 Chevy.

Ron Freeman

Iowa Caucuses are tonight

Suddenly, I have a hankering for corn on the cob.



Supporters of the international environmental organization Greenpeace recreate Pablo Picasso's 'Amnistia' on South Beach in Miami, Florida, January 17, 2004. Some 1,500 people participated in one of the largest living art projects ever. Greenpeace hired John Quigley from Los Angeles, California to reproduce Picasso's 'Amnistia'. (Greenpeace Handout)