Monday edition - January 16, 2006

Laura Bush supports domestic spying program
Indianapolis Star, United States - 1-16-06
ACCRA, Ghana -- First lady Laura Bush said Sunday that the US government is right to eavesdrop on Americans with suspected ties to terrorists, but a top Senate ...

Top Republican raises impeachment over surveillance flap

Yahoo! News - 1-16-06

A top US Republican senator for the first time mentioned impeachment in connection with President George W. Bush's authorization of electronic surveillance inside the United States without a court warrant

IRAQ: Shortage of fuel resulting in prohibitive prices
Reuters AlertNet, UK - 1-16-06
BAGHDAD, 16 January (IRIN) - Ongoing shortages of fuel and constant attacks on oil refineries are causing abrupt increases in official fuel prices as well as price hikes on the black market in the capital, Baghdad.


Remember when the first lady, self proclaimed stem cell expert, said stem cell research gave false hope to Alzheimer victims and their families? And now she is an expert on Constitutional law? Impeach the First Lady, too.


"I hope impeachment proceedings begin against Barney."-- Mo Rocca, author of “All the Presidents‘ Pets.”

Zawahiri skipped dinner that was bombed
Science Daily (press release)

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Reuters' Journalists Released by U.S.

The U.S. military freed two Iraqi journalists who work for Reuters on Sunday after holding them for several months without charge.

 Ali al-Mashhadani, a television cameraman who was arrested in August, and Majed Hameed, a correspondent for Reuters and Al Arabiya television who was detained in September, are both based in Ramadi, one of the centers of Sunni Arab insurgency.

"Doctors in Israel are now slowly drawing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon out of his coma to see what his remaining brain function is. Political experts say it is unlikely someone could run a country with a severe loss of brain activity. I beg to differ." --Jay Leno

Easy listening in uneasy times

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Disturbing News

IT'S not healthy to blow your favorite evening beverage through your nostrils

But that's how surprised I was to hear National Democratic Chairman Howard Dean deny that any Democrats took money from Jack Abramoff…But, I checked it out and, guess what? Dean was right. Although both Democrats and Republicans did, in fact, receive money from Abramoff's clients, only Republicans received personal donations from Abramoff himself.



Re: "Condoleezza Rice's anti-Russian stance based on sexual problems"

Pravda is right - and wrong - regarding this. It’s not just Kindasleezy who has "sexual problems" that makes her "a very cruel, offended" person who

"[r]eleas[es] such stupid remarks ." Which person - man or woman - in this group of thugs couldn’t have his/her name replaced for Kindasleezy in this article and not have it be just as true? None. Certainly not Bush, Cheney, McClellan, etc. etc. (Aside: if the photo of the guy in the article is the author, he looks like he’s got a few problems himself).

This is a cabal of sexually-repressed individuals whose perversions cause them to turn to war and destruction as their only outlets. This is a sexually-strange country anyway, but this bunch at the top are the most puritanical, and thus most hateful, of all. They all are "especially dangerous ... malicious ... that evoke hatred and irritation with everyone."

T Quigly

Thanks for writing TQ.

Do you mean this kind of Republican that visited the White House over 200 times?

Sex, lies and videotape to come from Bush Inc?

Seriously, can any of the Bush Cabal list "babe magnet" on their resume?



 Republican Shenanigans


 The President makes a connection with Martin Luther King: "I'm a King, too!"—Grant Gerver

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 Jeb Bush Could Solve This Problem

Iraq's election commission said Monday that ballot boxes at 227 voting centers were being thrown out because of fraud, but the decision was not expected to affect overall results of the Dec. 15 vote

 Rock-The-Voter News

From Ventura to Vampires

Minnesota voters, who eight years ago elected a former professional wrestler as their governor, may find a self-proclaimed vampire on the ballot for the office this year.

"Politics is a cut-throat business," said Jonathan "The Impaler" Sharkey, who said he plans to announce his bid for governor Friday on the ticket of the Vampyres, Witches and Pagans Party.

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You said

  • I'm confused. If a man can get a vasectomy without government interference, why can't a woman get an abortion without government interference? (or what is the difference between regulating what passes through the fallopian tubes and not regulating what passes through the vas deferens tubes?)

  • Are there any government regulations concerning the male reproductive system?

  • Why wasn't Alito asked these questions?

because the dems no longer feel we need any civil liberties , , welcome to The New World Order.



A sampling of viewers reactions:


Gazillions of lives are lost when a man has a vasectomy! Think of all those sperm and no where to go.


  • I'm confused. If a man can get a vasectomy without government interference, why can't a woman get an abortion without government interference?

  • For the same reason there are far more ads for Viagra than there are for birth control pills.

  • Are there any government regulations concerning the male reproductive system?

  • Not really. Ours is a society that is still too puritanical, chauvanistic and misogynistic. The real progress in women's rights that has been made on the surface in our country has always been compromised by an undercurrent of sexual discrimination. It's just more subtle here than in some societies. And even that progress is now being threatened as never before.

  • Why wasn't Alito asked these questions?

  • Because too many Democrats feel very comfortable in their role as Republican Lites. And the Republicans? Well, enough said.

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    "The most -- the most egregious act of judicial activism was the election of President Bush by the Supreme Court. That was the most egregious act of judicial activism in modern times."—Former Senate Majority Leader, George Mitchell

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    Suzanne Campbell and her son, Kieran, inspect 'Pulling III' a metal sculpture created by Jack Howard-Potter, at the opening of the Sculpture Key West exhibition in Key West, Florida January 15, 2006. About 100 large-scale works in steel, stone, wood, marble and other mediums are on display outside at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park through March 17. (Photo by Rob O'Neal/Florida Keys News Bureau)