January 16,  2004 TGIF 

Students to trek to Iowa caucuses, join campaigns
The Daily Northwestern - 1-16-04
... to learn more about the Iowa caucuses, which take place Monday, and to volunteer for the campaigns of the eight candidates hoping to become the Democrats' ...

Iowa Caucuses Fall on MLK Day 

Guardian Thursday January 15, 2004

...``There is no greater way to honor the work and the legacy of Dr. King than by having the first-in-the-nation presidential nominating event on his holiday,'' said party spokesman Mark Daley....

Campaigns Use New Technology in Caucuses
ABC News - 1-16-04
..."It's Iowa-meets-Washington in an incredibly close race," said Dave Nagle of Waterloo, Iowa, founder and defender of Iowa's caucuses, a three-decades-old ...


I would have preferred if all the Democratic candidates were on the Iowa Caucus ballot.



Dean Capitalizes on Campaign Attacks
 Associated Press 1-13-04

..."Howard Dean should take his tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading . . ." says the husband. His apple-cheeked wife interrupts to say, ". . . body-piercing, Hollywood-loving, Left-wing freak show back to Vermont [Dr Dean's home state] where it belongs".

David Keating, executive director of the Club for Growth anti-tax group, said it didn't bother him if the ad helped Dean's fund raising.

"We're really aiming at the general election with the ad," Keating said. "If that helps Dean in the short run that's fine with us because we think Dean is the weakest candidate."...


I'm not a sushi fan but sushi and latte doesn't sound very appetizing.




Study: Network News Criticizes Dean Most
Jan 15, 9:17 PM (ET)

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Howard Dean received significantly more criticism on network newscasts than the other Democratic presidential contenders, who were the subjects of more favorable coverage, according to a study released Thursday....

Well, well, well.  The latte drinking, sushi eating "librul media" is bashing Dean in 3/4 of it's coverage.

Mullet optional...hahahaha


"Everyone's talking about how the rest of the world hates the US. We need a fire exit." -Colin Quinn commenting on Bush's moon to Mars space plan


"We're trying to get sued by a right-wing jerk — hence the name of our program, 'The O'Franken Factor,' " Al Franken joked about naming his new 3 hour radio show .


Al O'Franken

Liberal radio network plans to launch in spring
Seattle Times, WA - 1-16-04
... dominance of talk radio, took its first steps toward reality this week, when newly
formed Progress Media announced it had both signed comedian Al Franken to ...


"President Bush announced a billion dollar mission to the moon and Mars. He came up with a snappy new slogan — to drill where no man has drilled before." —Craig Kilborn

Oz sent in this toon to help me feel better through my bout with the flu.

It worked!  Thanks Oz.

"Bush says he is willing to give green cards to illegal immigrants who take jobs Americans don't want. Because of this, there is a new act in Vegas — Siegfried and Jose." —Jay Leno


"The Pentagon announced it will take over Halliburton's role in transporting fuel into Iraq. They think by getting rid of Halliburton and cutting out the middle man they can just screw the American taxpayer directly." —Jay Leno

Kohlsaat Cartoons

"I need to put food on my family." -Lisa



Tom DeLay thinks he is the most powerful man in America, and doesn't hesitate to let everyone know. In May 2003, the Washington Post reported that DeLay was asked not to smoke a cigar in a federal building (which is against the law). Before storming out, he told everyone,

"I AM the federal government."

click here for a campaign website Taking on Tom Delay

Hi Lisa,

Regarding your quoting Taylor on Joe Scarborough's show about Mexican immigration workers...

Not that I'm a big fan of either Taylor or Scarborough, but I think if
we (the "left") want to consider ourselves fair, we have to keep things in
context. You ran this quote and attribution:

"I don't care if these Mexicans are going to live 20 or 30 in a house,
because it's not my daughter who's going to look across the back fence
and see them urinating in their yard. No, I'm happy to get a guy who can
mow the lawn for $2 an hour and that's all I care about. " -Jared
Taylor-guest on MSNBC's classy Scarborough Country

I then read the transcript of the show. In reality, the quote was
slightly different, and by snipping off a few words at the beginning and end of the paragraph, the context was changed significantly.

In the show, Taylor is saying illegal Mexicans shouldn't be here,
period. He doesn't seem to have a high opinion of them in general,
which may have been why the quote was misinterpreted, but he is making the case that they shouldn't be here. He then goes on to say that there are others who DO want them here, because they feel they'd rather put up with the poverty as long as they get cheap labor, a position Taylor disagrees with. His full quote was:

"This is typical. These are people who say, OK, this is great. I
don't care if these Mexicans are going to live 20 or 30 in a house, because
it's not my daughter who's going to look across the back fence and see them urinating in their yard. No, I'm happy to get a guy who can mow the
lawn for $2 an hour and that's all I care about. This is a much bigger
question. "

But by omitting the lead-in "This is typical. These are people who
say, OK, this is great."... you make it seem that the remainder of the quote
is his personal position when in fact he's opining how it's the position
of the supporters of illegal immigration and how THEY think about it.

He is saying how there are supportive Americans that turn an eye to the
illegal immigration and don't care just as long as they get their lawn
done cheap. He personally was taking the position that it's NOT okay and
that Americans should get the jobs and that there should be NO illegals.
Very different.

That's not to say that he deserves a pass - there were plenty of other
unflattering things he had to say, but if we're going to consider
ourselves fair and balanced we need to keep stuff in context. There's plenty of material said IN context that is bad, no need to twist other stuff.


- Tab

Thanks for writing Tab. There was no twisting involved, just sloppy cut and pasting on my part.  I went back and added the full quote plus more.  click here and scroll down

Florida's War on Drugs Now a War on Doctors Says Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

US Newswire 1-16-04

WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The more than 48 million people who suffer chronic pain in the United States are having difficulty finding doctors to treat them as a result of misguided drug policy, law enforcement, and overzealous prosecutions -- and pending prescription reporting bills will only make things worse in Florida....

Harris says she won't run for Senate
Miami Herald, FL - 1-16-04
... deliberation, US Rep. Katherine Harris announced today that she is not
going to run for the US Senate seat being vacated by Bob Graham. ...


Hi Lisa,
The country's direction and future are hinging on leadership


Bush followers never listened to their mothers when told, "Would you jump off a building if someone told you to?"




The simple beauty of a drop of water.