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Republicans Urge Delay of Bailout Funds Release
FOXNews - 1-13-09
Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee urged Democratic Chairman Barney Frank on Monday night "in the strongest possible terms" to postpone a...


Israel Pushes into Gaza City
Voice of America -1-13-09
Israeli troops and tanks pushed deeper into Gaza City Tuesday as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon prepared to travel to the Middle East to press for a truce between Israel and Palestinian militants

Army suicides rise as time spent in combat increases
USA Today - 1-13-09
The "smell of death" he experienced in Iraq continued to haunt him, his wife says. He was embittered about the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that


After eight years, it is kind of sad President Bush had his final press conference. And you know what that means for us here at the “Late Show.” We’re going to have to start writing our own comedy again.- David Letterman




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

Bush Had Fun As Prezinit!!!



George Bush spent almost all of his final press conference today looking back on eight turbulent years in office. He and his White House team had presided over two wars, 9/11, Katrina, and the worst recession since the 1930s, but "we had fun".




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 "I'm a Type A personality, you know, I just can't envision myself, you know, the big straw hat and the Hawaiian shirt sitting on some beach. Particularly since I quit drinking."- George W Bush in his last press conference


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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a fierce opponent of the Iraq war, is asking the Smithsonian to change some wording about the war that accompanies the newly installed portrait of President George W. Bush.

Sanders, an independent, objects to a portion of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery's text that says Bush's two terms in office were "marked by a series of catastrophic events" including "the attacks on September 11, 2001, that led to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq."


Joe Scarborough: More Extreme than Jack Bauer a video



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DEA Doesn't Want No Stinking Medical Marijuana



The Drug Enforcement Administration has rejected a petition by a University of Massachusetts-Amherst professor to let him grow marijuana for medical research...."With one foot out the door, the Bush administration has once again found time to undermine scientific freedom," said Allen Hopper, litigation director of the American Civil Liberties Union Drug Law Reform Project



Barack Obama will be the first president-elect to be featured on the cover of the “Spider-Man” comic book. But he is not the first president to be featured in such a manner. Bush has been on “Archie” comics for years as Jughead.- Jay Leno


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Delusions of Grandeur: The Contagious Disease of the Bush Administration



"My conscience is clear," [Donald Rumsfeld] volunteered to Bob Woodward, talking about how he's interviewing people for his memoir.

Woodward was stunned. "I was as speechless as I was in July 2006 when I interviewed him and he said he was not a military commander, that he could make the case that he was 'by indirection, two or three steps removed,"'

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The trade deficit shrank 28.7 percent in November, the biggest contraction in 12 years, as weak consumer demand and plummeting oil prices caused a record drop in imports, a U.S. Commerce Department report showed on Tuesday.

The $40.4 billion trade gap in November was the lowest in five years



Toyota’s developing a miniature, environmentally friendly car that is powered entirely by a rechargeable battery. Yeah. Meanwhile, Detroit still hard at work on an SUV that runs on rain forest trees and panda blood.- Conan O'Brien


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Barack Obama promised his kids he would get them a dog when they moved to the White House. But President Bush is nervous. When he heard dog in the White House, he thought, “Uh oh! What if he digs up all those Al Gore ballots in the back?”- David Letterman

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